John Kenny 1847

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia

John Kenny was born at Cartron Coote, Roscommon, Roscommon approx 1847 to Parents James Kenny and Mary Keegan (1821-1901). He migrated to Australia approx 1869. His sister Bridget (1846-1916) came over approx 1876 and sister Annie (1861-1924) came over ??.

John married Mary Gorman from Thomastown, Kilkenny in 1878.

They had children Mary Ann (1879-1910), James Joseph (1881-1902), Bridget Eva (1883-1902), John Francis Kenny - my Grandfather (1886-1949), and Denis Patrick (1888-1942).

John worked possibly as a Cabman or Labourer and in the 1890s was an undertaker in Brisbane working in various companies (as part-owner). After Mary died in 1899 John seems to have gone back to labouring. He died in 1902 of Apololexy working with his son John Francis on the land of his brother in law Denis Gorman (husband of Annie Kenny).

Picture above: Taken circa 1899. Research assumes John Kenny in the middle and his son James on the right.

Annie Kenny married Denis Gorman (1852-1907) in 1885. Denis died in 1907 leaving most of his lands and property to Annie. Annie later returned to Ireland dieing at Mullymucks, Roscommon, Ireland 28 Feb 1924 of Gangrene. They appear to have had no children. She left most of her money to her surviving brothers John and Denis with smaller amounts to her Church, Nuns and a priest.

Bridget never married but may have played a role in supporting the orphaned children of brother John from 1902. She died in 1916.

Johns other siblings appear to be Patrick (1854-1901) & Maria Kenny (1851-).

Looking for more info on the Kenny ancestors plus the children of Patrick Kenny, one son of whom - James emigrated to Rhode Island USA and had three children.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1847 (circa)  
Date of Death 20th May 1902  


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  • This is a fantastic photo to have. Do you have the year and location?

    Also, if one of these gentlemen is John Kenny can you identify which so that we can use a crop of his face for the profile picture of the Chronicle itself?


    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Monday 3rd February 2020, 10:21AM
  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the positive comment!

    The photo is probably from 1898 0r 1899 as a previous partnership of Kenny, Dietz and Hastie was broken up on 15-1-1898 resulting in this business. I think John is in the middle as the inquest into his death in 1902 says he was a big man. The young man to the right is possibly his son James as a slightly later company was John Kenny and Son and James was the oldest and around 19 at this time. I still have this original photo which is around 120 years old!  It has taken me a few years, much money and lots of work to figure all this out. Still more to find though.

    He was my Great Grandfather from Cartron Coote, Roscommon, Ireland. I am visiting there in May this year for the first time!


    Max Kenny

    Max Kenny

    Monday 3rd February 2020, 10:52AM
  • Brilliant Max. I have added John's picture to the profile and some detail under the main image. Photos this quality from this era are rare, and you have done a great job preserving this one. And thank you very much for sharing with us. Great to know where this Roscommon man ended up, and to be able to see his image is remarkable.

    Would you like to connect with some of our local volunteers when you return in May? Let me know and I can pass on your details to our Volunteer Coordinator who organises the local meet & greets.


    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Monday 3rd February 2020, 12:58PM
  • Hi Laura, sadly our airline has cancelled our flights (Korean Air) so our trip is postponed for the moment. We still hope to visit. Thanks, Max

    Max Kenny

    Tuesday 10th March 2020, 01:30AM

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