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John Massy was born at Glenwilliam Castle, Ballingarry, Limerick in 1801. His parents were George Massy & ? Scanlon. The Massys were descendants of the Cromwellian soldier, Hugh Massy.

John married Ann & in 1821 they had their first son, William, at Rathkeale. On the birth notice John's occupation is listed as "The Police".  Their second son, John, was born in Dromcollier in 1823.

In 1824 John Massy enlisted in the Cheshire Regiment at Dublin. Before the Regiment set off for India Joseph Henry [myGGF] was born at Devon in 1830. Their 4th son Thomas was born while they were in Barbados in 1831.

In India the Cheshire [22nd] Regiment was stationed at Poona. John Massy fought in the Battle of Hydrabad. He was awarded the Scinde Medal.

In 1846 John Massy died at the Bombay barracks. In his death record he is called "The Tin man of Nenagh, Co Tipperary".

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1801  
Date of Death 1846