John McCormack 1891

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John McCormack was born on 14 April 1891 in house 5 in Carrowkeel. He was the third of seven children born to John McCormack and Mary Jane McDermott. A Catherine Dockery was the informant of his birth. He may have had a learning difficulty as he was the only one of his siblings who didn't learn to read and write. 

His mother Mary Jane died on 6 June 1897, when he was only six years old. Just five years later, his father John died, in the summer of 1902, when he was eleven. His older siblings Thomas and Julia left school to mind their younger siblings and the family farm. The youngest in the family, Annie Jane "Nan" McCormack was sent to the the Sisters of Mercy in Roscommon but her siblings were still allowed visit her regularly. His brother Ned was taken on as an apprentice in the blacksmith trade by cousins. John was also apprenticed to a tailor, most likely in Elphin (tailors in Elphin at the time included the Regans, Morans, Gaynors, Furys and Reynolds).

John became a tailor and lived in Carrowkeel with his family. He contracted "Phthisis" around September 1909 and died on 8 March 1910, just a month before his nineteenth birthday. A family story says he developed pneumonia while attending a sporting event in bad weather, which led to his eventual death. He was buried in Elphin Graveyard with an unmarked grave. On 10 June 1919, his belongings and money were officially granted to his brother Thomas McCormack.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Apr 1891 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 1st Mar 1910 VIEW SOURCE
Father (First Name/s and Surname) John McCormack (1855-1902) of Carrowkeel, Elphin VIEW SOURCE
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary Jane McDermott (1859-1897) of Cloonybrennan, Elphin VIEW SOURCE
Townland born Carrowkeel, Elphin VIEW SOURCE
Names of Siblings Thomas McCormack (1889-1964) , Julia McCormack Donner (1890-1961), James McCormack (1892-1970), Edward McCormack (1893-1974), Catherine McCormack Gannon (1895-?) and Annie McCormack Monaghan (1896-1974)  
Occupation Tailor  
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