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John Moran was baptised at Rochfortbridge 28 JULY 1850, he married Catherine Whelehan from the townland of Drummond near Milltownpass. The pair lived at Milltownpass and the homestead is still standing as of 2019. Their son John Moran is also listed under this parish, 

He passed away MAY 1934 in Milltownpass

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Additional Information
Date of Birth 28th Jul 1850
Date of Death 1st May 1934


  • I have shown Moran DNA matches multiple times.  If you have anyone in the family who is DNA tested you might want to check them against me on GEDmatch. My ancestors are Hassett (Hassan, Hassen, Hafsen) of Brownstown, Co Westmeath and Battersby (Smyth, Farmer) of County Meath - (all of Clonmellon Parish which is both Counties Westmeath & Meath).



    Monday 16th December 2019 05:40PM
  • Thanks for the comment Miss Lizzy, my grandma is Margaret Bernadette Moran, born in 1945 in Milltownpass, this man John Moran was her grandfather, his son John Joseph Moran being her father. I know John Morans father was Peter Moran, and his mother was Eliza Gunning, the two married at Rochfortbridge in 1845, and Peter died in 1897 in Milltownpass, It does not however appear as though Peter was baptised in Milltownpass, and I am yet to work out where exactly he was from... my Grandma's siblings are still dotted around Milltownpass, Rochfortbridge and Mullingar


    Monday 16th December 2019 05:51PM
  • Thanks for the reply Natonstan -  I really don't have any idea how there could be a relationship.  My Hassett ancestors emigrated from Brownstown in 1849.  I found quite a bunch of Hassetts in Brownstown in the Catholic Irish Parish Registers for Clonmellon Parish.  Also, the wife, Catharine Battersby was from a large family.  Other associated family names are Smyth, & Farmer.  This maternal side was from Clonmellon Parish, Co. Meath.  Do let me know if you run across any information which might connect the families.   


    Wednesday 18th December 2019 03:01AM

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