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Married Bridget/Bedilia Owens on 23 Feb 1848 

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Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Bridget/Bedelia Owens  




  • Michael Ward husband of Ellen Ward ne. Hefferon

    Born 1848 place uncertain

    died 1887 in Birkenhead England


    Catherine b. 1867/8

    Mary Ellen b. 1870

    Adela  b. 1873/4





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  • Hi. Not sure if this is a question or a contribution.  I don't recognize the name.


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  • Okay....since the last post, you overwrote my ancestor John Oliver. What is up with that?


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  • My apologies . I did not mean to overwrite your entry I am new and learning to use the system . I thought it was an example

    Plerase accept my apologies



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  • LOL! No problem.  He didn't have much information anyway.  When I got the email, I thought you were trying to tell me of a connection. :)



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