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I have not much information other than:

Joseph Manning B around 1798 married a lady called Dorinda in Galway (we believe Ahascragh).  He worked as a Clerk before joining the EICA in 1819 and was posted out to Bombay, India.  Dorinda died shortly after arrival. They had a young child called Joseph.  Joseph himself died in 1826 in Bombay.

We don't know about his family at all but am aware that there was a Thomas and Michael Manning in Ahascragh around the time (perhaps Siblings?).  Nor do we know Dorinda's family.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1798 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Jun 1826
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Dorinda
Place & Date of Marriage in Galway
Names of Children Joseph


  • A chara 

    Have you or any of your family done a DNA test ?

    Sometimes the name Mannion which is common in the area is written Manning due to colonial mishearing of the original sound 

    If you have done a DNA test I admin the East Galway Ancestor Project on gedmatch as well as the Mannion DNA Project 


    MartinCurley, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 24th June 2022 09:20AM
  • Hello


    Thank you for message.  Yes, I have done 2 x DNA tests (one on Ancestry and the other 23andme).There are many matches on DNA but I have not searched through Ancestor DNA matches properly.  Although I don't understand the GEDMATCH thing yet, I have uploaded simplified smaller tree and DNA for Ancestry to that.  I am happy to provide my details privately.  I would love to find out more.  Thank you.


    Friday 24th June 2022 12:11PM
  • Hello again

    Sorry, not clear when I mean many matches that is DNA matches generally, I have not searched specific names as such as yet.  I realise you greeted in Gailege and I read about Galway and speaking of Gailege in the County and wondered whether my Ancestors would have spoken Gailege or English if joined EIC (or both)?  I have learned my first Gailege today by googling your greeting! Thank you.




    Friday 24th June 2022 12:26PM

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