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Stayed in Ireland

Based on Ireland Reaching Out finding Joseph's death record in 1895, I have now concluded that Joseph's birth year and parents were different than I originally thought.  His age on the death record was 69 years old which meant that he was born around 1826 .  And there was only Joseph Ringwood born anywhere close to 1826 in this area.   The 1826 birth year also would put him about 4 years older than his future wife Norah which definitely makes sense.  

This Joseph was baptized on 10 Feb 1826 in Castlepierce, Tipperary (just south of the border with Queen's (Laois) County) and his parents were James Ringwood and Mary Kelly.   He married Norah Feeley (shown in the picture) at Templetuohy in 1860 and their children were born in Graigue.  

Based on baptismal godparents of their children, as well as DNA matches, I know that Joseph and his family were close to the family of William Ringwood and Mary Blake, but I do not know the exact connection.  For now, I am guessing that Joseph's father James was a brother to this William.   But that's just a hunch for now with no records to support it.   



Additional Information
Date of Birth 10th Feb 1826  
Date of Death 15th Feb 1895  


  • Hello, According to his civil registration death record Joseph Ringwood died in Graigue, Queens County on 15 February 1895 at the age of 69 years. At the time of death he was a widower. His occupation had been farmer. The cause of death was "Probably Apoplexy ? years. No Med Att." The person who was present at the death and who reported the death to the local district registrar was Joseph's son, William Ringwood of Graigue. The registrar, Philip Cormack, recorded the death in the Urlingford Registration District on May 11, 1895. Go to the following link from the website to access a copy of Joseph's original death entry in the register:

    His death is at Number 155 in the death register..

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    Dave Boylan


    Monday 8th June 2020, 05:09AM
  • Thank you very much for that information!  I had only found an 1899 death record (with no detailed information) and I knew that he was not on the 1901/1911 censuses (there were only 3 sons and a daughter listed).  But this is definitely him in Graigue, Queen's (Laois).  And the fact that he is listed as a widower is consistent as I believe that his wife Norah Feeley died in 1884.    

          If you're up to another question, it involves his father William.  Starting in 1828, there are several children born to a William Ringwood and Mary Blake in Graigue. Then William Ringwood and Mary Holohan had only 2 children born in the mid-1840's in Graigue (Joseph being one of them).  And then in the 1850's there are two more children born in Graigue to William Ringwood and Jane Rowe.   None of the children have the same name.  Based on some DNA matches, I strongly suspect that it is the same William who married Mary Blake and then Mary Holohan.  I don't have anything specific on the Jane Rowe marriage, but she might have been a third marriage -- or maybe  it's just a different William.    Is there any way to find out if there are 1,2, or 3 Williams involved in these marriages and births?   Also, to make it maybe even a little stranger, I also found a couple of children born in Dublin in the early 1820's to a William Ringwood and a Mary Blake -- but I don't know if it's the same person and if it is, I have no idea why he would have been in Dublin.  For now, I am assuming it's just a strange coincidence, but who knows.

      I also do have a possible baptismal record for William -- 25 Nov 1806 to Arthur Ringwood and Margaret Delany in Graigue.  However, I know that William was a common name,  so I'm not sure on that -- but the age and location do fit    At any rate, the Mary Blake / Mary Holohan marriages and children are my primary question (if possible).  

    But again, I definitely appreciate your proactive research.

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    Phil Cagney



    Phil Cagney

    Monday 8th June 2020, 03:52PM
  • Quick update to my previous comment -- I think I just found a death record for Mary Holohan in 1889.  The informant was Mary Luby, and her daughter Mary Ringwood had married Patrick Luby.   Assuming that to be true, then it must be a different William who married Jane Rowe and had children in Graigue in the 1850's.   My assumption then is that it is the same William who first married Mary Blake and then married Mary Holohan.   Thanks, Phil.

    Phil Cagney

    Monday 8th June 2020, 06:04PM
  • Hi we are looking for Charlotte Ringwoods family, we know her father was a William Ringwood and we have been told they were from Graigue. Charlotte married Michael Delaney and they lived in Clonmeen and they had 5 children and Charlotte died we don't know what year or what happened and Michael remarried. If anyone has any information we would be grateful thank you

    Zarah Delaney 



    Thursday 10th December 2020, 11:01PM
  • Hello Zarah, I think that I may have some of that information for you.  My great grandmother was a Mary Anne Ringwood, and Charlotte was her aunt and baptismal godmother.   Here's what I have:

    Charlotte was born in Graigue, Rathdowney on June 25, 1836 to William Ringwood and Mary Blake.   She married Michael Delany on Feb 14, 1865 in Galmoy Church, and then you are correct that they had 5 children.   Charlotte died way too young on April 6, 1874 in Clonmeen.  Michael Delany then remarried Catherine Maher on Nov 27, 1875 at the Rathdowney Church and I have them as having one additional child (Joseph).   

    I have a very large tree on Ancestry that has this information, or feel free to email me at or if want to discuss further.  I would love to help in any way that I can.  I have also come across some DNA matches (on Ancestry and My Heritage) that are descended from Charlotte.

    Hope this helps a little

    Phil Cagney

    St. Louis, Missouri USA


    Phil Cagney

    Thursday 10th December 2020, 11:55PM