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Judith Keeffe (aka Judith (Keeffe) Tobin) (Gowran, Kilkenny, Ireland – circa 1821, Northern Bay, Bay de Verde District, Newfoundland)

In Searching for Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in “The Boston Pilot," 1831-1920, I found the following extract of an advertisement dated 29 September 1855 from Michael Tobin who was living in Thorold, Ontario. Michael was searching for his brothers Patrick and Richard in Canada.

OF RICHARD & PATRICK TOBIN, sons of Patrick Tobin and Judith Keeffe, of Parish Goran, co Kilkenny; when last heard from, one was in Prince Edward Island, and the other in Black Head, North Shore, Newfoundland. Information was received by their brother Michl Tobin, Thorold, Canada West, where he has lived for the last 14 years.

Please note that most genealogy and family history researchers refer to the 8 Volume publication and the on-line databases as “Missing Friends”. My discovery in Volume 3 was made before the three databases were available. (The validation that they are my family is described in detail in the XO People account for her husband Patrick Tobin.)

The following web sites have “Missing Friends” databases: Boston College; AmericanAncestors; and Ancestry. Boston College’s “Missing Friends” database is named: Information Wanted, It is free. The other versions are subscription sites.

Please be aware that the Boston College record for the above advertisement extract is inconsistent. (The records in the other two databases are consistent.) Unfortunately, there are no images of the original advertisements in the three databases. Ancestry’s version has indexed each family member. I prefer the Ancestry version because of the indexing.

Also, please note that I can’t find records in Canada, Ireland and Newfoundland that pin-point the Judith (Keefe) Tobin’s family’s Dates and Places of Birth, Baptism, Arrival, Death and Burial. Her husband was Patrick Tobin. Her sons were Richard, Patrick, Michael and James. I assume that the four sons were born in Newfoundland in the early 1800s. Based on the fact that Patrick re-married in 1822, I assume that Judith died circa 1821.

In addition, please note that in the XO Chronicle, XO People account for Judith’s husband, Patrick Tobin from Gowran, there are paragraphs on the validation of the family extract in “Missing Friends” by a Certificated Canadian Genealogist. He is an author of books on the Northern Bay Newfoundland area including one on the Catholic Parish. Prior to the publication of the 8 Volume set of books, he had validated that my 2 gg grandfather was RichardTobin based on Richard’s son Richard’s published Marriage Banns in Nova Scotia. Before the 8 Volume set was published, he validated that Richard Tobin in Northern Bay Newfoundland was one of Patrick and Judith’s four sons. The XO People account for Patrick Tobin explains in detail the importance of the “Missing Fiends” databases. Most paragraphs in Patrick’s account are quoted from the Ancestry.com “Missing Friends” version.

Finally, please note that the “Missing Friends” material from Ancestry is not repeated here.

By the way, I classify all versions of “Missing Friends” databases as both an Ireland and an Irish Diaspora databases in my free genealogy seminars and free individual consultations.

Note that there was a Keefe family in Northern Bay in the early 1800s. The family may have been related. Their 3 children were: Mary, Thomas and John. Mary Keefe married James Cotter and had at least one child, Thomas. Thomas Keefe married Mary Woodfine. Patrick Keefe married Catherine Whelan and had at least one son, Michael. John Keefe married Elizabeth McCarthy.

Possible Keeffe Relatives in Ireland

Gowran Tithe Applotment Records for Keefe and Keeffe:

Surname Name Page  Number Townland

Keefe James        20        10             Castle Ellis

Keefe John            5           7              Stangs, Pedlarsgrange, Woodquarter

Keefe Pierce       15           8              Clashwilliam

Keeff John           23        18              Gowran

Keeffe Andrew   14          4               Ballyquirke

Keeffe Andrew   11          8               Clashwilliam

Keeffe James        7        21               Gallows hill

Keeffe Mrs            6          1               Bricana

Keeffe Patrick     17          9               Castle Ellis

Keeffe Patrick        5       25               Rathouse & Talbotshill

Keeffe Patt           14         4               Ballyquirke

Keeffe Pierce       22         3               Blanchfieldspark

Keeffe Pierce         7         1               Bricana

Keeffe Pierce       18         9              Castle Ellis

Griffith's Valuation for Gowran lists the following Keeffes:

Keeffe           Anne                  Ballyquirk                    Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           Bridget               Brickana                      Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           Bridget               Main Street                Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           Catherine          Castle Ellis Road         Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           Catherine          Clashwilliam Upper   Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           Cathrerine         Earlsbog Commons   Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           David                  Ballyquirk                    Gowran    Kilkenny

Keeffe           David                  Blanchvillespark         Gowran    Kilkenny

Keeffe           David                  Clifden Commons      Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           James                 Castle Ellis                    Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           James                 Clashwilliam Upper     Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           James                 Gallows hill                   Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           Michaek             Castle Ellis Road          Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           Pierce                 Castle Ellis                     Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           Pierce                 Clashwilliam Upper     Gowran     Kilkenny

Keeffe           Pierce                 Talbotshill                     Gowran     Kilkenny


Oral History:

My correspondence with a Certificated Canadian Genealogist. He has requested anonymity.


Web Sites:

Ancestry.com, “Missing Friends” and Tithe Applotment.

Askaboutireland.com, Griffith’s Valuation, (I like the maps!)

Newfoundland Grand Banks, Judith’s son Richard and Mary Hogan’s marriage record is in Bay de Verde District’s Vital Records for Northern Bay Catholic Parish Records.

Novascotiagenealogy.com has the Marriage Record for Judith’s grandson Richard and Honora Dooley by Banns. They were married on 22 November 1868 in North Sydney, Nona Scotia (page 38, number 132). Richard’s parents are listed as Richard and Mary from Northern Bay Newfoundland. Honora’s grandparents were Ormonds from Lismore, Waterford, Ireland who immigrated to North Sydney in the early 1800s.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1770 (circa)  
Date of Death 1821 (circa)  
  In an Advertisement in “The Boston Pilot" on 29 Sep 1855 Judith Keeffe from Gowran, Kilkenny was identified as the mother of my 2G Grandfather. She lived in Newfoundland. The record was validated by a Newfoundland Certificated Canadian Genealogist.  



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