Julia Lenehan/Lenaghan/Lenhan 1826

Julia Lenehan/Lenaghan/Lenhan 1826

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in UK

According to her marriage certificate Julia (then spelled Lenhan, but believe incorrect) was born in Kildare around 1828.  Julia married James Jenkins at St Peter's, Bradford on the 8th August 1852.  James, born perhaps in 1829, was from Dublin.

Julia's father was called Daniel.

Julia could have been illiterate as I've found several different spellings of her surname on Census forms and birth certificates of her children.

Julia's life was quite easy to follow once she was recorded in England, but I'd love to know anything about her life and family in Ireland.  


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1826  
Date of Death 3rd Nov 1892  
  Julia's father was called Daniel. Do not know her mother's name. She was born in Kildare, could have been Christened in Ballymore on 25.05.1826? As above for marriage. Three children, Mary Ann, Thomas and James who was my Great Grandad.  


  • Hi, just googled 'Mary Ann Lenehan' (my great great great grandma) and your post popped up - UK census/marriage cert shows born Kildare 1830s and married James Boyes, Malton, North yorkshire 1855. Could she be the sister of Julia I wonder???

    CC 2021

    Sunday 20th June 2021, 10:27AM

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