Laurence Keegan 1760

Laurence Keegan 1760

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In 1824, Laurence Keegan paid the Tithe Applotments (A tax to support the Protestant Church of Ireland).  He paid enough to cover 477 acres in the townland of Tiernascragh (a sub-part of the the Parish of Tiernascragh).  It is not clear if he owned all this land at this time - which would have covered much of the Shannon Callows within the Parish. 

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  • Hi, I am an Aussie Keegan descended from a Ballymacormick, County Longford Thoms Keegan and Cath (Ward) Keegan, circa 1800. The article on William Kegan captured my attention due to my research into the Clan Aedagain, religious leaders, Clan marhalls and Brehons around Ireland.

    My research has focused on Clan Aedagain Territories which as far back I can find is Cruffon, Galway as outlined in the following -

    Annála Connacht


    Macwilliam Burke made an expedition against Fedlimid [O Conchobair]. He came to Roscommon, from where he sent a raid into Cruffon, plundering the Clann Aedacain.


    Located in Galway, containing the Barony of Killian and a large part of Ballymoe.

    Clann Diarmada and Clann Aedhagáin

    MacEideadhain or Mac Aodhagain (anglicised "MacEgan") were chiefs of Clan Diarmada, a district in the barony of Leitrim, county Galway; and had a castle at Dun Doighre, now "Duniry." The MacEgans were Brehons in Connaught, and also in Ormond; and many of them eminent literary men. The Mac Egans supplied hereditary Brehons to different parts of Ireland. O'Hart mentions the sept of O'Connaill or O'Connell, chiefs of the territory from the river Grian (or Graney), on the borders of Clare (barony of Upper Tulla), to the plain of Maenmoy: comprising parts of the barony of Leitrim in Galway, and of Tullagh in Clare. These O'Connells and the MacEgans were marshals of the forces to the O'Kellys, princes of Hy-Maine; and of the same descent as the O'Kellys, namely that of the Clan Colla.

    The Uí Maine were traditionally thought to be descended from Colla da Crioch, one of the Three Collas. Their original homeland was Oirghialla.

    The O Kellys of east Galway are an offshoot of the wider Uí Maine family group, whose ancestor has traditionally been held to be one Maine mór, son of Eochaidh feardaghiall, chief of a tribe of people who established themselves as the dominant group in the south-eastern region of Connacht by about the end of the fifth century.[ii]

    The ancient Irish tract ‘life of St. Grellan’ describes this family grouping as ‘the race of Colla da Chríoch,’ from whom they were said to be descended and relates the story of their migration from Oirghialla in Ulster, by way of an area known as Druim clasach and Tír Maine (later Anglicised ‘Tir Many’) in what would later be known as County Roscommon. In this account their leader Maine, son of Eochaidh, is said to be of Goedilic descent, a race of people who came to dominate the earlier tribes of Connacht. The historian Rev. Patrick K. Egan, however, in his book ‘the Parish of Ballinasloe’ was of the opinion that it is more likely that Maine mór and his tribe originated in County Roscommon rather than Ulster and were of an earlier race settled in Ireland before the Goedelic.

    Maine mór and his descendants appear to have subjugated many of the existing tribes and peoples that inhabited their land and established a petty kingdom, covering much of the later east Galway named from their progenitor as Uí Maine (later Anglicised as ‘Hy Many’). The senior-most family descended from this Maine was the O Kellys, from whom the rulers or chieftains of Uí Maine were drawn.

    DNA testing of descendants of Uilliam Buidhe Ó Cellaigh, however, speculates that the Uí Maine were not descended from the Three Collas.[2]

    I would like to know if Egan or Keegan people still live in the Cruffon region and if possible have contact as they would most like be able to link with the Clan Aeducain. This would greatly assist my research.

    Kind Regards


    Col Keegan 


    Sunday 4th April 2021, 01:39AM

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