Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

Brigid Fahy (1868 Abbey - ? Chicago, US)  

Lizzie Fahy Egan (1870 Abbey - 1950 NE, US) m. Daniel Thomas Egan (1850 Drumminamuckla/Woodford - 1926 NE,US) son of Thomas Egan and Mary Lynch 

​Nellie Fahy McLaughlin (1871 Abbey - 1929 Chicago, US) m. Patrick Emmet McLaughlin (1877 - 1933 Chicago, US) 

Maggie Fahy Tuoghy (1873 Abbey - 1939 Chicago, US) m. Denis Tuohy (1869 Portumna - 1921 Chicago, US)  son of Mat Tuohy and Margaret  - Ballynakill) 

​Kate Fahy Daugherty (1875 Abbey - ) m. Dougherty 

Winnie Geraghty Dudo (1896 Woodford/Looscoun - 1962 Chicago, US)  m. Olliver Stephen Dudo Chicago (1892-1977 US) Michael Geraghty and Catherine Murray Fahy Geraghty 

A rare photo of the sisters together, taken in Chicago, IL, USA. Winnie Geraghty Dudo, is Kitty Murray Fahy Geraghty's daughter from her 2nd marriage. Her first husband, Laurence Fahy died at an early age, Kitty remarried Michael Geraghty who was also widowed. The sisters emmigrated to Chicago, IL, where my gr-grandmother Lizzie Fahy met my gr-grandfather Daniel Thomas Egan of Drumminamuckla/Woodford while he was there at the World's Fair. And the rest as they say is (family) history. . . 

​Jane Rock
Colorado, USA


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1870  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Kitty Murray Fahy  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Laurence Fahy Michael Geraghty  


  • My 2x great grandmother is Hannah/Honoria Fahy who was born in 1811 in Cappatagle Parish, County Galway. Her father is Patrick Fahy and her mother is Honoria Kane. Hannah married Charles Cooney(born 1805) from Kilbrought, Kilreekil Parish, County Galway. I am wondering if my Hannah might somehow be related to the Fahy sisters from Loughrea. Having visited the area a year ago, I realize that Loughrea and Cappatagle aren't that far apart. After Charles Cooney died in 1846, Hannah emigrated to Massachusetts in 1851 with 4 small children. I would love to hear from anyone who might have info on the name Fahy. Thank you. Rick Gilmore

    Rick G

    Monday 2nd July 2018, 05:32PM
  • Rick, apologies for taking so long to respond to your comment. Not long after your note I was headed to Ireland, and then life got away from me. :)  I would definitely be interested in sharing and comparing with you. Have you had any DNA testing done? That may be a great place for us to begin. I am on both Ancestry and Gedmatch. I keep my old aol address for my genealogy: MizRock at aol dot com. 


    Thursday 18th April 2019, 07:37PM
  • 'Martin Fahy Ballinakill Heritage' - More than 30 short fillums now on Youtube. 2021

    Become engrossed with these comprehensively researched history videos, fillums created and compiled by Mairtín Ó Fathaigh

    Martin has a story telling style and you'll hear traditional music from his family including his daughter Yvonne Fahy.

    Martin Fahy is a former principal of Ballinakill National School.

    They are shortish episodes but Mairtín comprehensively covers the subject:-

    ♦Woodford Iron Mills ♦ The Night of the Big Wind ♦ The Old Ballinakill Ceilí Band 1928

    ♦ Mass Rocks ♦ Field Monuments ♦ The Epilogue-the Battle of Aughrim - Sarsfields' retreat to Woodford

    ♦ The Boating Tragedy at Annaghdown 1828 ♦ Scoileanna Scairte - Hedge Schools 

    Flood Oz

    Sunday 15th August 2021, 04:00AM
  • Flood Oz, thank you so much for sharing the info. Brilliant vidoes, and so well done. Really worth the watch!




    Thursday 19th August 2021, 05:36PM

    Here is a direct link to the video collection, for others who would like to enjoy. 


    Thursday 19th August 2021, 05:39PM