Manus Ferry 1825

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Manus Ferry (born ca.1825), the husband of my great grand aunt, Margaret McFadden (1845-1905), and according to his death record I obtained from the Ohio Diocese of Steubenville he died in 1883. While it is difficult to read it looks like he was born in Kirkneedy, Co. Donegal. As far as I can tell they left Ireland around 1850, so they are not listed in Griffiths or other such records.

Family lore says that they were married in Ireland, came over and settled in Ohio and were later joined with the rest of the McFadden family. The other McFaddens first show in the  1860 US Census in Vinton County, Ohio.

Not sure much can be done, but thought I'd post this in case a distant cousin might come across it.

I've added the death record for Manus to see if anyone has any other suggestions in case I am mistaken that it says he was born in Kirkneedy.


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Date of Birth 1825 (circa)  
Date of Death 12th Jul 1883  

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