Margaret Alice Heaney 1870


Margaret Alice Heaney was born in Galway, believed to be Ballinasloe, in April 1870. (Her death certificate gives her birth as April 1873 but this conflicts with other records.)  She was one of seven children of Michael Heaney and Ann Hanrahan.  Margaret emigrated in 1892 arriving in Boston.  She married John Francis Sutton, also from Galway, on 30 August 1893.  Margaret and John lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts and had 10 children.  Margaret died in 1918.  At least three of Margaret's siblings (James, Ann, and William) also came to the U.S.  James and Ann married and had children.  It is uncertain what became of William after he arrived in the U.S.

I would be interested in finding information on Margaret's parents:  Michale Heaney and Ann Hanrahan

Additional Information
Date of Birth Apr 1870  
Date of Death 2nd Oct 1918  

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