Additional Information
Date of Death 1st Jan 1899
Father (First Name/s and Surname) William Biggs of Welford , Northamptonshire, Waterloo veteran, 12th Dragoons
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Elizabeth McCawley of Drumbullion, Killeshandra, Co Cavan. Died 1874 Northumberland , England
Names of Siblings William, Mary Ann, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Abigail, Keziah
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) George Lovett of Kiltrasna, Killeshandra, Co Cavan (born Belturbet) , army pensioner c 1800 d nz 1876.
Names of Children William, John, Mary Ann, Margaret, Jane, Irwin, Charles, Abigail
Place of Death Auckland, New Zealand
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  • Kiora! I have just got my brother's DNA results and he is descended from Geotge LOVETT and Margaret BRIGGS. Don't know how exactly yet but he is DNA matching to a lot of Lovett's and several of George and Margaret's children's descendants.
    Thanks fo the info
    We are in New Zealand


    Saturday 5th June 2021 12:25AM
  • Kiora! I have just got my brother's DNA results and he is descended from Geotge LOVETT and Margaret BRIGGS. Don't know how exactly yet but he is DNA matching to a lot of Lovett's and several of George and Margaret's children's descendants.
    Thanks fo the info
    We are in New Zealand


    Saturday 5th June 2021 12:26AM
  • Gosh sorry about the typos! and the double posting 

    I meant george LOVETT and Margaret BIGGS :)


    Saturday 5th June 2021 12:34AM
  • Hi cousin,

    Wondering what your brother's name is as he should appear in my ancestry DNA (assuming it was ancestry test :-). I'd like to add him to my groups :-) . 

    The children f George and Margaret were:-

    William bc 1843 place unknown but possibly Ireland

    mary Ann bc 1845 place unknown probably Scotland

    John b 1847 a few weeks before they sailed to NZ at Tilbury Fort 

    Margaret b 1849 Howick

    now my order of them may not be so good from here...

    Irwin- b Howick

    Jane- b Howick

    Charles- b Howick

    Abigail (my great grandmother) b 1858 Howick d c 1821 (Auckland?) as Abigail Crawford

    Mary Ann died aged 5.

    William married Mary Crawford and had a number of children (for whom there are no birth registrations ) some probably Howick, others in Hamilton. William d 191(4) and is buried in Howick Churchyard.

    John- never married d 1930 Auckland at the house of sister Jane. lived in Hamilton for a while.

    Margaret married Theodore Meredith and moved to Pirongia- you will find children on NZ DIA BMD. DNA linked descendants

    Irwin mar Jane Elizabeth Johnston - children on NZ DIA BMD lived in Auckland but also spent time in Hamilton. DNA linked descendants

    Jane mar (James ) Garret and lived in Auckland d after 1930. Children on NZDIA BMD. DNA linked descendants

    Charles mar 1) Marian Tannahill  and moved to Taranaki - 3 children I think. Divorced and remarried Putoetoe ( hope that is correct) and had Richard Pariha(ki?) - large family of descendants living in Whakatane and Rotorua area. DNA linked descendants.

    Abigail mar William James Pearson of Hamilton and had- Edward George , William James (my GF) b 1884, Charles irwin, and Abigail Elizabeth- all in Hamilton. They then moved to NSW to et up the family soap business in Australia and had  Louisa Maud and ... curse never remember- Myra I think it was , in Aus. DNA linked descendants.

    William and John both signed up for the Militia and in Williams case the army during the NZ wars. John deserted and did NOT participate so far as I can see at Orakau (ignore the histories that say he did - there were TWO john Lovetts in the regiment!). William was with the Royal Engineers and served in the Bay of Plenty. 

    George LOVETT was born (according to military pension) 1800 Belturbet (or Drumlane) (NOT Belfast!) served in the Ionian Islands and scraped a pension on discharge due to chronic ill health. You will find him in the Irish 1841 census living with the rest of the family at Kilstrasna, Killeshandra parish. He and Margaret moved to Edinburgh c 1845 and then Glasgow and then signed up as a Fencible for NZ. They sailed on the Minerva in 1847 to Howick. There are various records for you to find about him there :-) He died in 1876.

    George's parents (from 1841 census) James d 1831 and Mary Ann (Irwin). Other known children:-

    James - emigrated USA between 1831 and 1841

    Jane bc 1796 married William Potts emigrated to Hope in Canada- check out Find a grave and Canadadian census of 1851- NB there is also a Jane Lovett who married an Alexander Potts and emigrated- there may be a relationship there. DNA linked descendants of Jane and William.

    William- 1841  census

    Charles - 1841 census

    mary Ann - 1841 census

    Adam- in army with George- pension records available died 1853

    Irwin - in army with George died aged 29 (1841 census)

    Margaret BIGGS bc 1823 Co Cavan was the daughter of William BIGGS of Welford Northamptonshire and Elizabeth McCawley of Drumbullion Co Cavan. You will find Margaret and four of her sisters at Drumbullion, Killeshandra in the 1841 census with their grandparents William and Margaret McCawley and uncle William McCawley. There are also some mentions of her in records from Howick. She died in 1899 aged 76.

    William BIGGS was a Waterloo veteren- I have traced his family back to the late 1600's in Welford NTH. He died in 1834 - I think at Ballymachugh Co Cavan TBC. Ancestors (precis only) William Biggs (blacksmith) and Abigail (Smith- parents Robert and Kesia of Lubbenham LEI). William son of Thomas Biggs and Sarah Watts "of Crick", Thomas (blacksmith) bc 1722 son of John Biggs (farmer) and Eleannor (unknown) . John c 1677 son of William Biggs (grazier) d early 1700's and Alice (unknown) . There is a large and confusing Biggs family in and around Welford (but no where else in Northamptonshire), I have a comprehensive index of the Nth records (which are not completely available anywhere online) and have spent lots of years untangling them and still havent worked them all out! Ignore any trees which go back further than William and Alice as some of them seem to be a bit... made up :-D

    Elizabeth McCawley bc ? . d 1874 in Northumberland. Parents William bc 1777 and Mary Ann also had a daughter Ann bc 1804 who married a George Reilly and emigrated to Brockville Canada with their Irish born children and had at least one child there - check out Canadadian census. DNA linked descendants

    The other children of William Biggs and Elizabeth McCawley were-

    William b? 1816-1822 emigrated to New Orleans c 1849

    Mary Ann bc1816-1822 married George Wood(s) at Ballymachugh , believed to have emigrated to Australia

    John b 1825 Derrylane, Killeshandra. Joined the army served Indian Mutiny and Crimea. You will find him living in Alnwick Northumberland 1871 and 1881 (maybe 91 as well ) with his wife and five sons. His mother Elizabeth lived with him for a while before her death- neither of them enjoyed the experience. DNA linked descendants.

    Elizabeth (Eliza?) b c 1827 Ballymachugh- may have married a soldier , may have gone to India.

    Thomas bc 1830, Ballymachugh emigrated to USA 1850 with sister Abigail, you will find him living New Lebanon NY state , wife and daughter ( all the above information regarding names of siblings has come from a descendant- the rest I have put together)

    Abigail bc 1832 Ballymachugh , emigrated to NY state with Thomas in 1850 married Daniel McMahon- DNA linked descendants

    Kesia bc 1834 Ballymachugh, stayed in Drumbullion area- married Ekins and had one son (irish BMDs) and then disappears from the records apart from some court cases.

    Be great to find out how we link up, if you are an ancestry subscriber you can contact me through my Pearson Tree- I'm not a subscriber so can only contact people who show up in my DNA links. 


    Jane (in NZ)


    Saturday 5th June 2021 01:31AM
  • Hi Jane

    Thanks for all the info! Awesome

    Contact me privately and I can fill you in a bit and see if you are DNA matching him on Ancestry



    Saturday 5th June 2021 05:41AM

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