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Margaret was born to Thomas Boyle and Julia Donnelly.

Thomas Boyle farmed and he and Julia Donnelly raised a family at Mountain Park on the South Commons at Carlingford. Birth and baptismal records for nine of the 10 known children of Thomas Boyle and Julia Donnelly suggest that the property at Mountain Park was the property shown in "Land Owners in Ireland -1876".

In the late 1880s, a period of economic depression, Thomas sold the property at Mountain Park to Mickey Donnelly, according to Nancy McShane.
Thomas then relocated the family to Coatbridge, Scotland. The Iron Works in Coatbridge employed Irish workers who produced the material needed for the ship building in the Glasgow area.

The environment in Coatbridge would have been very unhealthy at the time. Julia died in 1892 and Thomas a year late rin 1893.

Margaret married Michael Cadden in Coatbridge in 1898. They had three daughters, all born in Coatbridge. Their firstborn, Julia. died in 1902.

The family lived in Scotland until the end of WW2, when they moved to Dublin. Margaret managed a hotel - could have been the Pembroke Hotel.

Margaret died in 1953 and is buried in Deans Grange Cemetery in Blackrock.





Additional Information
Date of Birth 5th Feb 1874
Date of Death 10th Oct 1953

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