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I would love assistance from your group to determine the following: 1.  The place of birth of a Protestant woman (Margaret Flanagan) from Ulster that married a Catholic man (Jacob James Nolan - alias Molloy) sometime around 1836-37;.2.  Parents and siblings of Margaret Flanagan (Nolan alias Molloy). 3.  Whether the Nolans (alis Molloys in Cloncowley, Longford County, Ireland) took custody of Flanigan siblings, Patrick and Annie. 4. If custody was taken by the Nolans (alias Molloys) of he Flanigan children, Annie and Patrick, and any knowledge of these children. The children appear to be related to Margaret Flanagan (married name Nolan or Malloy). Margaret Flanagan Nolan (alias Molloy) settled in the town of Cloncowly Longford County Ireland between 1837 and 1855.  They raised seven children: Francis (Aug 1837); Susan (Sept 1840); Dennis John (abt 1841); James Malloy (10 Oct 1844); John Emmett (Jun 1849); James Nolan (abt 1855).  Jacob (alias Molloy) appears to have died on 10 Jan 1860 according to a death register from Ardagh, Drumlish.

Me and five other siblings are DNA matches to Jacob James Nolan (alias Molloy) and Margaret Flanagan Nolan (alias Molloy) through their descendants.  We have a letter from J. Clancy's from October 28, 1924.  (I do not know who J. Clancy may be or how he is connected to the family.)  In the letter we learn that there was a James J Nolan who was born in Ulster.  He and his wife, (who converted to Catholicism), were victims of the old Orange gang and had to flee during the night.  A clergy member assisted them and brought them to a Catholic quarter in County Longford.  Nolan was given the alias Molloy at this time.  Nolan was a schoolmaster in Cluncowly.  The school house was built on the property of Michael Reynolds.  Nolan (alias Molloy's) children were also teachers and the Molloys and the Reynolds were later connected by marriage.  The family emigrated to the USA by 1870. Margaret Nolan and her family, including Annie and Patrick Flanigan, were included in the 1870 Census.  We suspect that the Annie and Patrick were related to Margaret Flanigan, possibly an aunt or great aunt.  We believe that the children may have come to the USA with the Nolans (Molloys).  Margaret Nolan died in the USA 1890.


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