Margaret Gertrude McCarthy 1816

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia

Margaret McCarthy emigrated from Ireland to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, travelling aboard the ship "Red Rover" in 1832.  Margaret was 16yrs old and occupation on shipping records listed her as a Child's Maid.

Margaret while in Hobart, met her husband James Thomas Leslie, who had also immigrated from Ireland in 1830 and married him in Hobart  on the 1 January 1835.  Margaret was 18yrs old and James 22yrs old. 

Margaret Gertrude McCarthy

Their first child Thomas was born in October 1835 and some months later in 1836 they decided they were ready to travel by foot to the Town of Launceston some 200km away where James planned to get work, build a home and settle down.  Bravely they travelled through bushland, camping and living off rabbit or wallaby meat that James would catch or shoot along the way.  Many stories were passed down to their children regarding the people they encountered during their journey to Launceston ie: escaped bushrangers/convicts as well as Indigenous people  who would always keep their distance, but continued to osbserve them, along the way.  James had stated to family members, that he knew they were being observed but was never bothered by them as  he had shown respect for the land and only killed what he needed for food, preparing and cooking it for himself, Margaret and Thomas.

When they reached Launceston Margaret and James went on to have a  further 10 children. James and Margaret made sure that their children were all educated until at least 10 years of age and were all part of the Catholic Church of Apostles in Launceston. (It is noted that James and his son's were responsible for the beautiful "bluestone" that adorns this Catholic Church).  Margaret outside of the family had very little social contact with others with the exception of her attendance to the Church on a Sunday. 

It is said, that when James passed away Margaret sold their property and moved to a little paling house behind the now "Queen Victoria Museum" near the Tamar River, Launceston. The money she had left over from the sale of the property, was apparently then given  to the  Catholic Church.  Margaret died at the age of 69yrs of age in 1886, while staying at the Invalid Depot, Launceston. She was buried with her beloved James in the Catholic Cemetery  located near Coats Patons Bowls Club, Glen Dhu, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.  

Additional Information
Date of Birth 10th Jul 1816  
Date of Death 3rd Dec 1886  
Townland born Dominick St, Cork, Ireland  

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