Margaret Hanlon 1844

Margaret Hanlon 1844

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Margaret was born on Dublin Road, Carlow, IRE, and her godmother was Anne Kavanaugh.  She emigrated from Ireland in either in 1864 or 1872 and by March of 1873, she was married to Patrick Mahoney, son of Dennis and Margaret (Grimes) Mahoney, in Toledo, OH.  She was naturalized in 1874.  We have not located any of her Hanlon or Cullen families who immigrated to the U.S. except for Jennie Hanlon Mahoney who was a young girl when she supposedly sailed to her new country.

Here is a possible ship's record of her immigration:
Margt Hanlan 28 Aug 1871  b. 1841/47 Female  Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland  England  United States of America  on the "Spain".

During her last illness, her grandson, Jack Mahoney, was staying withher, and went into visit with her often.  He was at her bedside when she died, but was scurried out of the bedroom immediately afterwards.

He thought she was a tough Irishwoman, and remembers how she chased the grandchildren if they did not behave. When Maggie said, "Jump!" her family would ask, "How high?"

After she died, her children still lived in "Grandma's" house.  After Uncle Jerry died the house was sold and Aunt Margaret, Aunt Kitty and my cousin Patrick [O'Connor] rented an apartment a block away from the house on Union Ave. They were all buried from the same funeral home and parish. The funeral director Crane was some how related to my Aunt Kitty through her marriage to Jim O'Connor. Even Grandpa Mahoney was buried through the Cranes. "I never knew that my Grandmother died only a year before I was born." ~ Pat Durkin

Her death certificate included the following:
Margaret Hanlon Mahoney
Place of Death: 6753 Union Ave., Ward 17, County of Cook, Chicago, IL
A resident of the U.S. for 55 years; resident of Chicago for 47 years.
Widow of Patrick Mahoney
Date of birth: unknown; age: about 74
Birthplace: Carlow, IRE
Name of father: Michael Hanlon born Carlow, IRE
Name of mother: Dora Cullen born Carlow, IRE
Informant: Jerry Mahoney of 6753 Union Ave., Chicago, IL
Date and time of death: 3:30 p.m. 20 May 1927 after being attended from January 1921 through May 17, 1927 (when he last saw her) by Dr. O. A. Donnelly, M.D., 6906 Halsted St., Telephone: Eagle 9013
Cause of death: Chronic rhumatic eudo carditis over a 10 year period
Contributory cause of death: Senility - general debility arteriosclerosis
Test performed: Clinical diagnosis
Place of burial: Mt. Olivet, Chicago, IL, May 23, 1927
Undertaker: Thomas M. Crane

According to the Saturday Daily News, Margaret was a member of Leo Court #116 W.C.O.F. (Women's Catholic Order of Foresters).  She was a parishioner of St. Bernard Church.

About Catholic Order of Foresters:
Historical Overview
Established in 1883, Catholic Order of Foresters is a not-for-profit fraternal insurance organization with more than 140,000 members nationwide. Operations are conducted in 30 states and the District of Columbia by a field force of more than 300 local agents who provide members with friendly, personal service. COF ranks among the largest fraternallife insurance societies in the United States.

The word "fraternal" means brotherhood and friendship-and that's whatCatholic Order of Foresters is all about. We're people helping people, bonding together for mutual support-loving and serving God by giving our physical, financial, and spiritual resources to make a difference.

COF's commitment to caring began in 1883 at Holy Family Parish in Chicago, Illinois. Back then, impoverished immigrants were streaming intothe United States, seeking a better life. When tragedy struck and families lost their breadwinner, friends and neighbors typically collected money for burial expenses and to keep survivors from starving.

Those making burial collections gradually formed associations, usually based on religious or ethnic backgrounds. Often these societies became focal points for community life. Catholic Order of Foresters grew from this foundation and, for more than a century, has helped thousands of individuals, families, and communities in need.

Each COF member holds a Catholic Order of Foresters life insurance policy or annuity and is eligible for COF's unique added-value fraternal benefits, which enhance membership and set us apart from commercial companies.

Among these added-value benefits are eligibility for scholarships andeducational awards, tuition assistance for Catholic school students and public school students attending Catholic religious education programs, and newborn and orphan benefits. For members facing terminal illness, we offer early access to life policy proceeds through our Living Benefits accelerated rider.

Our members form a fraternal network of more than 400 local courts, offering social, educational, spiritual, and benevolent activities. Members are also welcomed and encouraged to participate in the Order's leadership and government.

Through local courts, member volunteers have the opportunity to support Catholic and community causes. Our successful Matching Funds Program© of charitable giving allows courts to raise money for school, parish, community, and humanitarian needs.

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Women's Catholic Order of Foresters, Chicago, Ill. - Name changed to National Catholic Society of Foresters in 1966.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 15th Jul 1844  
Date of Death 20th May 1927  

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