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Margaret Kennelly was baptized on 6 Oct 1836 in the parish of Askeaton, County Limerick, Ireland. She was the daughter of Cornelius Kennelly and Margaret Nestor. She married Maurice Langan, on 22 Aug 1857, parish of Askeaton, Ireland. She emigrated to the United States in 1877 with 6 of her younger children on the SS Indiana. She and Maurice homesteaded in Platte County, Nebraska, where she died on 28 Nov 1903. According to the 1900 US Federal Census, she was the mother of 11 children, 7 of whom were still living. 1900 United States Federal Census, Burrows, Platte County, Nebraska; Enumeration District 156;; Roll: T623_937.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Oct 1836 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 28th Nov 1903 VIEW SOURCE
Place & Date of Baptism Margaret Kennelly, baptism, 6 Oct 1836, Askeaton, Limerick, Ireland; father "Carbry" Kennelly [Cornelius], mother Margaret Nester [Nestor?]. Sponsors, Patrick McMahon, and Catherine Reidy. VIEW SOURCE
Place & Date of Marriage "Margta" Kennelly, marriage date Aug 1857, Askeaton, Limerick, Ireland; spouse Mauritius [Maurice] Langan; [witnesses] Michaele O'Connell and Ellen B[?] VIEW SOURCE
First Child Catherine Langan, m. Margaret Kennelly, f. Maurice Langan; Bap. 10 June 1858, Askeaton, Limerick; spon[sors] John Kennelly and Catherine Neville. Catherine died, age of 5. Death registered in the civil district of Rathkeale, 1864. VIEW SOURCE
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Cornelius Kennelly, may be the son of Patrick Kennelly (c. 1785 - ) and Johanna Moroney (c. 1790 - ), with baptism on 20 Oct 1812, Mahoonagh Parish, Co. Limerick. NLI, RC Parish Registers
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Margaret Nestor, married Cornelius Kennelly on 24 Nov 1834, parish of Askeaton. Patrick Nestor and John Kennelly witnesses. VIEW SOURCE
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    I searched info about my ancestor Daniel Kennelly (3 x Great Grandfather) BIRTH ABT 1800 • Limerick, Ireland

    DEATH 12/12/1867 • Clash Athea, Co. Limerick, Ireland and came across the following website…
    On the page the following" The 1851 census did not survive. But some 1851 census extracts have survived. One such transcription identifies a John Kennelly, “son of John Kennelly & Mary Mulvihill,” living with a Daniel Kennelly in North Clash, Athea Parish, which neighbors Glin Parish. Further research shows that Daniel Kennelly was born about 1800, married Mary Connors, and he died in Athea Parish in 1867. It is likely that Daniel was a brother of John Kennelly who married Mary Mulvihill, and perhaps they had passed away by 1851 (Great Famine?) so the younger John was living with his uncle". The Daniel Kennelly my ancestor. 

    There is reference to Cornelius Kennelly - "One Kennelly family in western Co. Limerick has been identified via autosomal DNA as very closely related to Thomas. Due to the strength of the DNA links (many segments shared), it is likely Thomas had a brother, first cousin or uncle named Cornelius Kennelly, who married Margaret Nestor on the 27th of November 1834 in Askeaton Parish, County Limerick.

    Cornelius Kennelly and Margaret Nestor had six children: Margaret, Michael, Peter, John, Thomas and Patrick (pictured). Margaret Kennelly married Maurice Langan and settled in Nebraska, USA. We are matching many of Margaret and Maurice’s descendants".

    Regards Ric

    Ric Maguire

    Saturday 9th October 2021 11:49PM
  • Hi Ric,

    Margaret Kennelly was my 2x Great Grandmother, via my maternal line. I haven't worked on this line for a while. I do have the marriage record for Cornelius and Margaret Nestor of 1834, as well as, the names and birth years of the 6 children. To date, I have Cornelius loosely connected to John and Michael Kennelly, as brothers. I have just pulled up the Kennelly Family DNA website and will start to read what information is available. 

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Cheers, Kim




    Kim W

    Monday 11th October 2021 01:03AM
  • Thanks Kim.

    Both my Daniel and Cornelius name their first boy Michael.......Micheal could be their grandfather making Daniel and Cornelius brothers. 


    Craig Kanalley 

    comments on his site make same sense too. 


    I appeciate your assistance.....Thank you once again



    Ric Maguire

    Monday 11th October 2021 08:50AM
  • Hi Ric,

    I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I'm working on research reports, etc., for a genealogy study group I am currently engaged with. Craig Kanalley's website is full of interesting information for me to follow up within the near future. Besides the Kennelly family, he writes about the Reilly's in Co. Cavan. I have "Riley's" on another branch of my Irish tree that has given me no end of trouble. But, I finally found a couple of obituaries that mention Co. Cavan, so perhaps Craig's website will provide some illumination in this area, too.

    My mother's maternal side is the Irish line in my tree. The paternal line was Langan/Kennelly and the maternal line was Fitzsimmons/Riley. Looking at my mother's DNA matches on, she has distant matches with 2 people, Brian Kanalley and "A.H." both managed by Craig Kanalley. I don't want to assume it's the same Craig, but it is very likely. The DNA shared is very small and could be a false-positive of sorts, Without undertaking further research at this moment, it could be a connection through Reilly/Riley.

    I'll keep you updated. Cheers, Kim

    Kim W

    Friday 15th October 2021 08:00PM
  • Hi Ric and Kim,

    I am so glad you found my blog post about the Kennelly family.  Yes, Kim, that is me and my close relatives that you found in your mother's AncestryDNA matches.  The Shared Matches should give an idea if the link is Kennelly or Reilly/Riley. Regardless of the link to your mother, my immediate family is matching *many* descendants of Margaret (Kennelly) Langan via DNA so we are definitely distantly related.

    Ric, that makes us related as well, thanks for writing.  It is nice to hear from a descendant of Daniel Kennelly who lived in Clash, Athea Parish.  The best info I've found to date is in that blog post you referred to.   We are definitely related but it's too bad records don't go back quite far enough to confirm the common ancestors.

    I like your theory that Daniel and Cornelius may be son of a Michael Kennelly, as both of them had Michael as a first son.  If John Kennelly was a 3rd brother, the pieces seem to fit together.  The only problem is without a definitive record, we are taking a guess, but it's a good guess at least based on records available and located to date.

    Your cousin,

    Craig Kanalley
    Buffalo, NY USA

    Friday 24th December 2021 04:20PM
  • Hi Craig

    Thank you for the reply.

    Yes ...a good guess...wish there was documentation.

    At least we know they were sons of Ireland....Most likely famers or miners. Most likely emigated to USA and Australia for a better life.



    Ric Maguire

    Monday 27th December 2021 10:39PM

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