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Margaret McGarry ( my 3rd Great Grandmother on my maternal side):-

Born in Roscommon, I'm still trying to ascertain the Parish she was born in.

Arrived in Australia 1849 onboard the 'Digby'

Married George Trudgett  in Goulbourn, NSW, Australia in 1851

One child that I know of - Martha Trudgett ( my Great Great Grandmother) born 1950, Goulbourn, NSW, Australia

Lived for many years in Young, NSW, Australia

Died 1903 in Young, NSW, Australia.

Margaret McGeary nee Trudgett

Additional Information
Date of Birth 29th Apr 1826 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 26th Mar 1903 VIEW SOURCE
Associated Building (s) Boyle WORKHOUSE  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Peter McGarry -sourced from Margaret's birth records and shipping records when she arrived in Australia on the 'Digby' in 1849. VIEW SOURCE
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary Lowe- sourced from birth record VIEW SOURCE
Number of Siblings Five - maybe more  
Names of Siblings Bridget - 3rd Sep, 1821 Croghan Roman Catholic Parish John - 2nd Oct, 1828 Croghan Roman Catholic Parish Thomas - 9th May, 1836 Croghan Roman Catholic Parish Mary - 2nd July, 1843 Boyle Roman Catholic Parish Peter - circa 1845 Boyle  
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  • Peter Mcgarry & Mary Lowe​ baptised the following children in CROGHAN RC (civil parishes of Killukin BOYLE and Killummod):

    Brigid 03-Sep-1821
    Thomas 09-May-1836

    Did the ship's manifest give any address?


    Thursday 7th March 2019, 01:20AM
  • Hi Rua,  that is interesting. I don't know about these children, only Peter born about 1826, John about 1829, who married a Mary Ann in Lancaster, England, and my Margaret about 1831. However, since posting the above, I have found some more records - Margaret McGarry's death certificate which gives her birth origin as Artlone? (can't make it out properly), co Roscommon, and John McGarry and family's immigration deposit journal entry dated 1880, arriving in Sydney which gives the origin of birth address as 35 Bungaly St, Athome, could be Artlone, but it looks very similar to the place name of origin on Margaret's death certificate. I'll try and attach these new records to my above source information. FYI before I found this site (Ireland Reaching Out), I got so frustrated that I have paid for a curator via Roscommon Roots to look into it all for me as I want as many facts/documents as possible about the family and their life in Ireland, and the possibilty of any living blood ties over there. I should hear more in a few weeks with regards to this. I really appreciate your input Rua. Please let me know if the Parish you found those other Baptism records coincides with the information on my new found records.






    Thursday 7th March 2019, 11:02PM
  • Hi Kerri

    In that case, you can be sure it is Athlone you should be looking at. Please join the parish of St. Peter's and link all your family chronicles and posts there!

    Here is your link to the RC Church records for St Peter's. (The Croghan family I cited above does not apply).





    Friday 8th March 2019, 10:33AM
  • Hi Rua, I have just recieved some documents that verify that Margaret McGarry was indeed born in the Parish of Croghan on 29th April, 1826  -parents were Peter and Mary McGarry, nee Lowe. You were correct with the siblings that you found there in the Parish of Croghan - Bridget (3rd Sep, 1821) & Thomas (9th May, 1836)  -thank you. There was other siblings:- John (2nd October, 1828), and Mary, born in Boyle (2nd July, 1843), and Peter born circa 1845. So it appears that the family moved to Boyle sometime in-between 1836 & 1843. I have also found out that the father Peter was a Farm Labourer & probably did not own land. We know that Margaret came out to Australia on one of the Irish Orphan Ships - The Digby, in 1849  -there is record of her in the Irish Famine museum as being in the Boyle Workhouse but both parents still alive at this time. This is one of the things that I am confused about  - whether she was actually in the workhouse if both her parents were alive? I know that John McGarry, her brother, was in England by 1851, and their youngest brother Peter, and their mother Mary were in England by 1861  -their mother Mary on the Census as living there with Peter. I do not know what happened to the other siblings, Bridget, Thomas & Mary, or their father Peter. 





    Thursday 9th May 2019, 07:46PM

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