Martin Brennan 1859

Martin Brennan 1859

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Martin Brennan, born in October 1859 in Croghan, Roscommon, joined the British Army in August 1878. His Attestation was written in Boyle, Roscommon, and he was re-examined at Galway on 10 Aug 1878 (Galway Brigade Depot).  His 1878 Unit is read as 68th Brigade, 84th Regiment, Infantry Corps.  His service record (Number 2134) shows that he served at home through July 1882, then Egypt for 101 days (awarded a Egyptian medal; the "Clasp w/Star"(?)), then home (?) until 1885; he was then allowed to (?) switch to the "N London Army Reserves" (?), for over a year, shown as the "87 Rgte (?) District until March 1885.  

Martin was 'permitted to rejoin the colors' in March 1885, but now his Statement of Service record shown that he became a private with the Argyll and Sutherland Highhlanders.  His service record ends with an open ended journey (?) to Ceylon from 21 Nov 1885 until (?- blank).   He earned several promotions, first as Lance Corporal, then Corporal (6 Dec 1887).  The last date found on the record is a discharge date of 3 October 1889 ("On payment of £ 3, Under article 715, 'unreadable').

I'm attempting to fill in some of the facts I've marked with (?).  I've spent time researching the Egyptian service, but am wondering where and what they did at "Home" and Ceylon.


It appears that his first unit in Galway was NOT one of the units that became the Connacht Rangers...  Any confirmation?

There's no mention of location after he went to Ceylon... did he remain there?  How might one find out??

There is another Statement of Service form included in his Hospital Chelsea Pensioners records, which seems to show he was with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders until discharge, and was promoted again in Jan 1879 (?) and given a different service number (1765). 

Any help is appreciated.

My thanks!   Kevin Brennan, Kodiak Alaska

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Date of Birth Oct 1859  
Associated Building (s) The Hermitage CROGHAN, Hermitage CROGHAN  
Townland born Croghan, Roscommon  

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