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Martin Feeney/Feeny 1830

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My 2nd great grandfather was Martin Feeney and he was born about 1832 to Anthony Feeney (born abt 1810-1818) and Sarah Murphy (born about 1815).  I found an entry in the Irish Relative and Friends Publication an advertisment dated March 22, 1862:  "Of Maritn Feeney, son of Anthony Feeney and Sarah Murphy, native of Ballybockough, near Shrule, County Mayo, Ireland.  Sailed from Galway about 14 years ago, supposed to be in Maysville, State of Kentucky.  Any informtion of him will be thankfully received by his sister, Judy Feeney, by writing to her in care of the Rev. George Montgomery, Catholic Priest, Wednesbury, Staffordshire, England; or send his address to James Boyle, 168 East 24th Street, New York City.  Kentucky papers, please copy."

In the 1836 there were three Anthony Feeney's living in Kilmachaugh, Parish of Kilmainebeg, Mayo.  I was told that Kilmacdaugh is right down the road from Ballybackagh which is near Shrule.  Two families of the Murphy's lived on both side of Anthony.  One was Edmond Murphy and the other was Thady Murphy.  Since Anthony Feeney married Sarah Murphy it seems likely that one of these Murphy's families were Sarah Murphy's.  

Martin Feeney came to Massachusetts around 1848.  In 1851 he married Margaret Riley  in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It states on his marriage record that his father was Anthony Feeney.  They had a child (my great grandfather) named Charles Feeney in 1893.  I found an article written from New York that Martin Feeney had died and that he had fought in the Mexican American War and in the Battle of Churubusco.  The exact wording is "The funeral of Martin Feeney, a member of the New York Regiment that served in the Mexican war, takes place on Sunday.  There will be a general military turn out on the occasion.  The remains will be conveyed to reenwood Cemetery.  The deceased was at the battle of Churubusco."-July 29, 1854.  Cholera was rampant at this time and I am guessing this is what he died of.

After Martin Feeney died, his wife Margaret Riley Feeney remarried a man named James Joseph Tonery and moved to the Scranton, Pa area.  Charles Feeney (son of Martin Feeney & Margaret Riley)  married Mary A. Mullen and they had 8 children, one of which was my grandfather, James Thomas Feeney.  Charles Feeney died in 1893 at the age of 40 yrs old.

James Thomas Feeney married Mary Flynn, lived in Olyphant, PA and bore my father James Edward Feeney.

I am traveling to Ireland this summer of 2018 in hopes of finding my father's family.  I am staying in Ballinrobe which isn't to far from the area that I believe my Feeney family is from.

Kilmainebeg Parish and Shrule Parish are where I will look for records of my Feeney Family.  If anyone knew of this family, I would be most grateful for any information at all.




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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1830 (circa) VIEW SOURCE




  • Hi,

    I live in the neighbouring parish to shrule (Killursa). My email address is I'd be happy to meet you when you visit Shrule. I'll make enquiries (and do some searches) about your ancestors too and if I find anything further I'll let you know.



    Ireland XO Parish Liaison Volunteer Killursa

    Tuesday 5th June 2018 08:13AM

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