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Martin was born in 1822 in Dereney.  At that time he was born Dereney was part of Galway.  We have always been told his family was tied to Whitegates.  He came to the US through New York in 1848 and learned the plastering trade from a Mr Connolly.  He had a brother Peter who settled in Iowa and a brother Matthew who settled in Ky.  In 1850 he married a woman he knew in Ireland in Cincinnati.  Martin and Margaret Madden White left Cincinnati for Rock Island, Illinois.  They then moved to Memphis Tenn where Margaret had a brother James, during the Civil War they moved to Davenport, Iowa.  After the Chicago fire the family moved to Chicago so Martin could get work.  Would love to communicate with any connections.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 9th Nov 1822  
Date of Death 20th Apr 1907