Mary Ann Murray (Brice) 1886

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Mary Ann Murray was born on 2 August 1886 in Buckagh, Newport, County Mayo to John Murray and Mary Sheridan.  She was one of 13 children (8 daughters and 5 sons) and she was the oldest daughter in the family.

Mary left Ireland and arrived on the Majestic into Ellis Island in April 1906.  Her youngest sister was born 5 months after she left and her youngest brother was not born until 1908.  Mary Anne's father was so distraught at her emigrating that it was said that he etched the date of her departure on the stoop at the back of the house.

Mary Anne was intending on going to her father's sister in Cleveland Ohio who ran a boarding house.  She ended up going to Chicago with several of her sisters following after. 

Patrick Brice also from Buckagh, Newport County Mayo emigrated to Ellis Island onboard the ship Teutonic and arriving in May 1909.  It is not known if he knew Mary Anne prior to his emigration. 

Patrick and Mary Anne married in Chicago on 12 August 1914.  They had 6 children (one died in infancy) and a son who died in WWII in France and is buried in a military cemetery there.

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Date of Birth 1st Aug 1886  

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