Mary Anne Dempsey

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  • My second great grandmother is Mary Ann Dempsey.  Born May 13, 1828, father Patrick Dempsey and mother Mariea Dempsey, dont know the maiden name.  Died August 19, 1900 in Foynes, Limerick at age 72.  She had one daiughter that I know about, my great grandmother Anne Guerin.born June 21, 1852.  Anne married my great grandfather, Michael O'Connell in 1868.The emigrated to the U S in about 1880 and had by some reports 20 children, two of which died in the year they were born and both named Mary.  My grandfather Francis (Frank) O'Connell was born in 1889 I think in Iowa. Anne died Dec 4, 1931 in Sious City Iowa.

    Daniel O’Connell

    Tuesday 28th May 2019, 04:14PM
  • Hello Daniel,

    Please check out our Guerin family tree on Ancestry, MyHeritage and FTDNA. I am also a direct descendant of Mary Anne Dempsey and William Guerin. Email me at


    Wednesday 29th May 2019, 09:56AM


    Maggi   I would love to check out your family tree, however Im not sure how to access any of them   I have a tree at Ancestry  and I think at My Heritage 


    Dan O


    Daniel O’Connell

    Wednesday 29th May 2019, 05:17PM

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