Mary Bridget Byrne 1879

Mary Bridget Byrne 1879

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Migrated to/Born in USA

Mary Bridget Byrne (occasionally misspelled Burn) was baptized on December 22, 1879 in Abbeyleix, Queen's County, Ireland.

Her parents (Richard Byrne and Eliza Higgins) stayed in Ireland when Mary emigrated to America in 1899 on the SS Teutonic. Mary sent money back to Ireland to pay for four of her brothers to come to America. She waitressed in Watertown, Connecticut and at, what was as of 2020 named, the Madison Beach Hotel.

Mary married William Patrick St John in 1904 in Waterbury. Mary Bridget Byrne had eleven children. Census reports indicate that she never attended school but, by 1930 if not before, she was able to read and write. Mary Bridget Byrne St John passed away before her husband did. She was buried in Calvary Cemetery in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 22nd Dec 1879  
Date of Death 21st Oct 1952  

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