Mary  Carmody 1861

Mary Carmody 1861

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Mary Carmody was baptised 10th March 1861, her parents were Martin and Ellen Carmody (Fennell) she was born at Fodry/Fodra Co Clare. Mary was my great grandfather John Carmody b. 1853 sister, Mary married Michael Keating 3rd January 1883, he was from Tullaroe and Mary from Fodra, children that I have found for Mary and Michael are, Ellen b. 6th January 1884, Margaret b. 1st May 1885, Bedelia b. 19th April 1888, Maria b. 26th November 1889, Pat b. 15th January 1892, Johanna b. 1895, Catherine b. 1st July 1896, Nora b. 11th April 1898, Michael b. 1st August 1903.

Ellen Keating married Martin Hogan 18th April 1911 Worcester, Massachusetts USA have not found her entry into America.         Margaret Keating married David J Lavin 14th April 1915 Worcester, Massachusetts USA, arrived per Carmania 1909.                   Delia Keating married Peter Mcgovern, Delia d. 4th February 1959 Springfield, Massachusetts USA, arrived per Carmania 1911. Maria Keating married Patrick J McNally 30th January 1918 Worcester, Massachusetts USA, Maria d. June 1972.                         Patrick Keating, never married was living with his sister and her husband Maria and David Lavin, he was a motorman on the streetcars, Patrick d. March 1968 Worcester Massachusetts.                                                                                                                Johanna Keating, arrived New York 9th August 1920 per Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, can find no other information about Johanna.                


Catherine Keating married Stephen Mahony 17th March 1934 Kilrush, no other information to hand.        Nora Keating married Michael Cummins/Comyns 29th March 1932, Kilrush. Michael Keating married Marcella Garvey 14th October 1943, Kilrush. What an interesting and lovely family, all those girls very brave to chance a new life in a new country and leave no doubt much loved family behind.


Additional Information
Date of Birth Mar 1861 (circa)  
Date of Death 2nd Jan 1946  

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