Place of migration
Stayed in Ireland

Mary Dollard was born in 1775 to Bridget Hynes aka Heyns and Patrick Dollard of Balcunnin townland in Lusk. 

She was baptised in the RC parish of Skerries aka Holmpatrick.  

On 17th May, 1795 she married Patrick Seaver (1770-1809)  of Lusk parish. It seems that Patrick was from Rogerstown, Rush. 

They had 6 children - Mary Anne, Elizabeth, Catherine, Jane, Joseph Seaver and Patrick Matthew Seaver.

After her husband's death in 1809, she moved Ballyboughal to what became her son Patrick Matthew's property, a farm just outside the village.

Mary Seaver, relict of Patrick Seaver Esq. aka Widow Seaver died in 1855, ag 78.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1775
Date of Death 14th Nov 1855 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Associated Building (s) Farm 1a Ballyboghill Balcunnin farm 9a  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Bridget Hynes aka Heyns of Balcunnin townland LUSK | married Pat Dollard on 10-Nov-1768
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Patrick Dollard of Balcunnin townland LUSK
Townland born Balcunnin, Lusk (RC Parish of SKERRIES) VIEW SOURCE
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Patrick Seaver of Rogerstown VIEW SOURCE
New Type Her uncles – Matthew Heyns & John Dollard – witnessed her parents' marriage in 1768.
Names of Children Mary Anne married Christopher McGrane | Elizabeth | Catherine | Jane | Joseph Seaver (1810-1871) | Patrick Matthew Seaver (1812-1889) VIEW SOURCE
Place of Death Ballyboughill, Co. Dublin
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  • I really appreciate you doing this research for me.

    If you don't mind, I have a problem with this family that I have been unable to solve.

    As you said, Mary Dollard married Patrick Seaver of Rogerstown in 1795. When Patrick died, she ended up living in Ballyboughal, and that property passed to Patrick Matthew Seaver who was my great great grandfather.

    You listed Mary and Patrick's children. Here is the problem: In that same time frame, Peter Seaver was born to a Patrick Seaver of Rogerstown, and the Rogerstown estate eventually passed to Peter. My problem has been to prove the parents of Peter. Everything points to it being Mary Dollard and Patrick Seaver, but he does not appear anywhere in their list of children.

    You will no doubt be familiar with George Seaver's book "The Seavers of Lusk and Rogerstown". In that book, he quotes Seaver land deeds and gives a short family tree from that Seaver era. He says that Joseph Seaver who married Mary Ann Wade in 1761 had a son Patrick and another son Peter. That Patrick inherited Rogerstown, and in turn, his son Peter inherited it after him, I have seen on numerous family trees on Ancestry that people have said that Peter's parents were Mary Dollard and Patrick Seaver. I have never been able to accept this because it just doesn't add up, and appears on no official records. George Seaver also says that Patrick's son who was also Patrick inherited the property in Ballyboughal that belonged to his grandfather Joseph. So it would be easy to assume that this is my great great grandfather.

    I am wondering and hoping that you might, after many years of research, be able to shed some light on the truth behind this mystery. I have a Seaver family chart, which lists Joseph Seaver's descendants as Patrick and then Peter. I can't see how my Patrick fits into that tree, and yet he must. I have seen in his own writing on Australian documents that his father was Patrick Seaver and his mother was Mary Dollard. 

    Thanks for your time and efforts.



    Saturday 15th May 2021 07:12AM

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