Mary Elizabeth Harriot Fitzpatrick 1841

Mary Elizabeth Harriot Fitzpatrick 1841

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Mary Elizabeth (Harriot) Fitzpatrick was born in Dublin, Ireland 23 December 1841. She was raised in a Church of Ireland Convent. At age 16 she married an Irish American Hugh Fitzpatrick born 5 January 1838 in Cronwall Stormonth Ontario Canada.  (Correction: Cornwall Stormont, Ontario, Canada)

Mary and Hugh had 12 children. She died on 24 January 1908 in Detroit Michigan, USA.  Mary's daughter Eva Marion Fitzpatrick  born 14 June 1868 in Massina, New York  married  John Milne.  Eva Fitzpatrick Milne died on 18 Oct 1949 in Los Angeles, Hollywood, California, USA.  

Eva and John's daughter Ethel Marian Milne married Frank Avent Gumm who were the parents of legandary singer and actress Judy Garland born 10 June 1922 died 22 June 1969.

Ethel Milne Gumm Gilmore (1896-1853) and daughter Judy Garland (1922-1969)Picture on the right shows Ethel with her daughter Judy Garland, who would have been the Great Granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Harriot from Dublin.



Additional Information
Date of Birth 23rd Dec 1841  
Date of Death 24th Jan 1908  

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