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I am a great-great-grandson of Mary Holland, Until recently my family knew little about Mary other than her name,which was recorded on her the marriage and death certificates of my great-grandfather, Edward James Lee. It appears that Mary was born in Ireland in about 1825 and emigrated to England, where she married Edward Lee (senior), who was said to have been a bricklayer by trade.Their son, Edward junior was born in England (exact location unknown) in about 1855. As far as we know he worked as a sailor, before emigrating to Western Australia in or before January 1883. After arriving in Australia, Edward Lee junior worked as a farm labourer and contractor, before taking up farming himself.

After doing a genealogical DNA test last year (2019), I discovered that my strongest DNA match at all was with a person I will call MW, from the United States, whose great-grandparents include Julia M. Holland, born in 1848 in Urlingford (recorded as "Erlessgfurd" on a US census form). The size of my match with MW is consistent with a fourth cousin relationship or similar. In other words, it would seem likely that Mary was either an aunt, cousin, or half-sister of Julia Holland. Since I do not appear to share any other "ancestral surnames" in the last five generations with Mike, it seems likely that Mary Holland had reasonably close relatives in the Urlingford area.

However, smaller DNA matches between me and other people named Holland (or with Holland ancestors) from two adjoining parishes in Laois, namely Rathdowney and Durrow suggest that either Mary, her father or paternal grandfather may have come from south-west Laois.

DNA matches with other people from these areas suggest connections witrh the surnames Dwyer/Dwyre and Fleming/Flemming. It's possible that one of these was the maiden name of Mary's mother.

(Note:the parishes listed for Mary are speculative and based on DNA matches with people with Holland ancestors from those parishes or adjoining parishes.)

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