Mary J Grady 1872

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My paternal Grandmother, Mary Grady, emigrated to the US in 1888 with two sisters, Bridget and Anne. I think they came in through Canada. But they settled in St Paul, Minnesota.

Anne married and stayed in Minnesota. Bridget became a nun. Mary married John Lucy in 1893 whose family emigrated earlier from County Kerry. They farmed in Minnesota, then in 1906 moved to Olga, North Dakota with their three children. Eventually there would be seven children. They were pioneers in this vast grassland.

I’m hoping to gain my Irish Citizenship through my Grandmother. I’ve collected documentation from her years in the US but can not locate her birth and baptism certificates on line. Her mother’s name was Julia Hanley, I don’t know her father's name.

At a dead end now. Kat Lucy Riseman

Additional Information
Date of Birth Jul 1872  
Date of Death 25th May 1913  

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