Mary Jane Gregg 1875

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia

Mary Jane Gregg was the ninth child of eleven by her parents John Gregg and Margaret Jane Tease. Mary Jane was the eldest daughter of the two daughters (Her only sister was Margaret Rita Gregg). Born at Correnagh in Donegal on 22nd of March 1875. She came to Australia with her mother and father at a date unknown. After arriving in Australia Mary Jane married Laurence Leo Maher and had two children; Mary Veronica Maher and Thomas Francis Leo Maher. At some point she was living in Deniliquin where she and husband Laurence were the License holders of the Edward River Hotel. Unfortunately, the License holding of the hotel didn't prove lucrative and Mary and husband Laurence moved to Melbourne where they lived until their deaths; Mary Jane died on 21 May 1963. She is buried at Fawkner Cemetery in the northern suburbs of Melbourne with husband Laurence and daughter Mary Veronica Maher. Members of her birth family settled in New Zealand where their decendants still live. One brother Alfred Gregg lived in New South Wales and had a family there. Mary Jane's sister Maggie married twice and had several children.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 22nd Mar 1875  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) John Gregg  


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