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Mary Jane (Grier) Morton was born possibly 04/16/1811, Sligo, Antrim or Cork, Ireland and died 11/16/1886 Ionia, Michigan, USA.

I have three different possible birth places for her listed.

She had a brother, John Grier, who traveled with her to Canada sometime in the 1830's. They lived in Montreal, Canada, until Mary met Alexander Vance Morton (from Ayrshire, Scotland) and they married and had children in Canada. Mary and Alex then moved to Michigan and settled there.

No info on her parents names or anything else at this point. I realize her first,middle and last names are all common popular names, but am trying to pinpoint her possible birthplace more specifically. Any help would be welcome. Thank you in advance. I love the Irish connection and Irish music. :-) Especially Clannad, Capercaillie, Altan, etc. Greetings to all and hopefully someday I will make it over the Pond to see the remarkable Ireland.

Laura J Olson. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 16th Apr 1811  
Date of Death 16th Nov 1886  

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