Mary Lenihan 1834

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

I believe born in Doneraile, Cork to Daniel Lenihan and Elizabeth (or Mary or Elizabeth Mary or Mary Elizabeth) Corbett but I have not found definitive baptismal record -- only a baptismal record of I believe an older brother Patrick.  Surname spelled many ways -- Lenihan, Linehan, Lenehan, Leneghan, etc.  

Mary's family emigrated to the USA and she married Patrick Joseph Cagney in Brooklyn, NY in 1866. She later moved  to Chicago in 1872 and died there in 1913.   

I believe that her mother died young and that her father Daniel remarried a Catherine (last name unnknown) before emigrating to the USA.  A half-brother, Thomas, was born in Rathkeale (according to his Brooklyn obituary), so the family may have moved there prior to emigrating, and that may also be how she met husband Patrick (as he was from Rathkeale).


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1834 (circa)  
Date of Death 1st Jul 1913  

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