Mary Lyons Smyth 1850

Mary Lyons Smyth 1850

Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland

Mary Lyons was born in Cloghfin, Edenderry, Co. Tyrone on November 16, 1850.  She was the daughter of Robert Lyons (1799-1872) and Mary Houston (1810-1872).  She had 4 brothers, James, Robert, John and Andrew.  She had one sister, Letitia.  She married Alexander Smyth, a farmer, on April 18,1876 in Drumnakilly Church. The witnesses to their wedding were William Smith and Joseph McIver. At the time of their marriage Mary was not quite 16 years old and Alexander was 41 years old.  They worked a farm in an area they referred to as Copney located between Omagh and Carrickmore.  Mary and Alexander had 11 children, Jane, Robert (1), Christopher, Alexander, Letitia (Lottie), Robert (2), George, Mary ( Minnie), Joseph, Margaret and Andrew.  Jane died when she was 17 years old.  I don't know what happened to her. None of the relatives I knew ever spoke of her.  Robert (1) died as an infant.  Christopher immigrated to the United States in 1901 and settled in Chicago where he worked in marketing and advertising. Alexander stayed and worked the farm till both of his parents were deceased.  He married Isabella Caves.  While living in Co. Tyrone they had 2 sons Joseph and William.  Alexander and his family immigrated to the United States arriving on July 17, 1927.  They had a farm in Pennsylvania and they had 2 more children Isabel and Gerald. Letitia and Mary also stayed on the farm till their parents were deceased and then immigrated to US and settled in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania.  Letitia married an evangelist , William Anderson.  I don't know what happened with Mary.  Robert (2) was my Grandfather.  He immigrated to the US in 1905 and settled in Philadelphia.  He married Eleanor Denison, whose parents were also from Co. Tyrone, on July 23, 1919.  Robert ran a corner grocery store.  They had 3 children, Ruth, Thomas and Mary Eleanor.  George arrived in the US in 1907. He went west to Alaska where he delivered mail via dog sled and in his spare time mined for gold.  He eventually came back to Pennsylvania, married  and Lillian Crane.  They had 3 Children Robert, Elizabeth and George.  Joseph became a minister.  He moved to Brighton England but later returned to Northern Ireland to live in Belfast.  He married Cynthia Garnold and they had one son.  Margaret passed away at the age of 4.  Andrew came to the US in 1915.  He was married to Helen Galt who passed away at a young age. Andrew lived in Brooklyn, New York.  He worked in the ship building industry.  In 1934 he married a Scottish lass, Helen Mc Donald.  They had one son.

Mary Lyons Smyth's husband, Alexander, died on November 7, 1924, one month short of being 90 years old.  Mary continued living on the farm with her son, Alexander, Isabella, Joseph, William, Letitia (Lottie) and Mary (Minnie) till her death on Nov. 13, 1926, just 3 days shy of 76 years old.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 16th Nov 1850  
Date of Death 13th Nov 1926  


  • Did Mary Smyth have a sister Catherine who married Christopher Cooney 20/01/1868 . Catherines fathers name was Patrick Smyth, from 33 Abbey St North Dublin.. Catherine died 29/03/1931 at 54 Prospect Ave Glasnevin.

    Shelley Williams

    Wednesday 17th November 2021, 11:03AM
  • Shelly,  Sorry I didn't see this sooner.  Mary Smyth's maiden name was Lyons and her father was Robert Lyons,  They were from County Tyrone.  She only had one sister and her name was Letitia Lyons.  Sorry I am not more help.



    Wednesday 5th January 2022, 05:35PM
  • Hi Ruth,

    Thankyou for trying to find information on Catherine Smyth who married Christpher Cooney 20/01/1868. I know Catherines fathers name was Patrick Smyth and Christophers father was Charles Cooney. Catherine and Christophers children were Mary born 4 May 1869, Charles, James,  Frederick,  Maigead ( Margaret), Matthew Born 9th March 1877, & Nicholas born 25th October 1875.

    Matthew arrived in Canada on the 27th March 1930 aboard the ship Aorangi which departure point was Sydney, New South Wales, Australia,, to Auckland New Zealand, Suva Fiji, & Honolulu Hawaii. The arrival point was Victoria ,British Columbia, he was then 52 and has his occupation as Engine Driver.

    In the United States Federal Census of 1910

    Nicholas Cooney ,34,Chicago Ward, County Cook,Illinois, single, DOB 1876 Ireland ,Lodger Arrived 1906 Occupation Machinist

    Matthew (Mathies) Cooney, 30,  Chicago Ward. County Cook, Illinois, single, Arrived USA 15th March1908 on the ship Baltic, 5 feet 9 inches ,Fair hair, Hazel eyes, Fresh complexion, 15 pounds money in his possession. Occupation Fireman Stationary

    John Cooney, 32,Chicago Ward, County Cook, Illinois, single,  Arrived USA 1908 Occupation Warehouse Laborour.

    They were all lodgers at the same address. 

    I'm not sure if this is part of the Smyth family but at the same address was John Smyth 38 born USA

     It appears that Matthew, Nicholas & John left Ireland at about the same time & immigrated to the USA

     In the United States Federal Election of 1920

    Nicholas Cooney 45 Chicago Ward, County Cook , illinois 

     Matthew Cooney migrated to the USA ,12th October 1953 from Montreal, Quebec, Canada ( USA Film number M1464_636)

     We know at some stage Margaret came to the USA & Married John Weiand, a German hairdresser ( Classified as an Alien) because it was during World War 1. I found Margarets Death Notices. Margaret Weiand, Female, maiden name Cooney, Death date 19th November 1958 Orbit Place, Chicago, Illinois. Children  Arthur, Mae-Avila, No mention of Husband.

     Mae-Avilas Weiand  Birth certificate DOB 20th October 1915, Birth place Illinois

    Arthur Weiand Birth Certificate DOB 19th October 1914,Illinois  US Social Security number 323-01-0622 states Arthur died on the 3rd Decemeber 1989, Last residence was 60126, Elmhurst, Du Page , illinois USA

    Both Charles & Frederick stayed in Ireland, both worked for Guiness and I found Charles history there.( All this searching and it isnt even my family)

    Kind regards

    Shelley Wlliams


    Shelley Williams

    Saturday 8th January 2022, 02:21PM

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