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Mary was born in Templemore "23 May 1867" (1939 Registry) - However this is potentially incorrect as I think Mary was probably older maybe 1862/1863.

She married James Fraser on the 3rd August 1882. Residence at the time of marriage is Templemore but James was a soldier (Or Bandsman, played the Clarinet) in the 20th Regiment / Lancashire Fusiliers. His military records also confirm he is stationed in Templemore in 1882.  Her father's name is Edward Maher (Labourer). Mary is also of 'Full Age' so believe her DOB is incorrect 

They have two children while in Templemore, which appear to match later census records too.

Daniel Joseph 1883, Mary's maiden name written as Fitzgerald (?)

Mary Ellen 1885, Mary's maiden name writtern as Maher

The couple are then stationed in Manchester, Glasgow (1891) and Belfast and have several more children. They are station at Curragh Camp 1893. It was believed that James died around 1900, and in the Boar War, but his military record shows he was discharged in 1896.

The couple were close with Margaret Mary Maher and Robert WIlliam Loader FIllary (who married at Curragh Camp 1894) and Mary lives with them in 1901, I believe after Jame's death (I can't find any death record though). Family photos refer to her as 'Aunt Mollie'

Mary married Arthur Magerum in 1906 and has two more children, however the couple continue to use Fraser as a surname. On another child's birth record, Walter Stanley Fraser b1903, her maiden name is again listed as Fitzgerald (I now can't find this however, She also had another son called Gerald). I'm unsure whether Margaret is her neice or sister. Margaret's parents are Edward Maher and Mary Coote. But Mary's parents could be Edward Maher and ? Fitzgerald?

Mary died in 1941 in Manor Park, London

Additional Information
Date of Birth 23rd May 1867 (circa)  
Date of Death 22nd Jan 1941  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) James Frazer (born Inverness, Scotland), Arthur Magerum VIEW SOURCE
Place & Date of Marriage 3rd August 1882, 1906  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Edward Maher (Labourer)  
Names of Children Daniel Joseph 1883, Mary's maiden name written as Fitzgerald, Mary Ellen 1885, Mary's maiden name written as Maher, Walter Stanley Fraser (1903), her maiden name is again listed as Fitzgerald, Gerald  
Place of Death Manor Park, London  
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