Mary McInerney1837

Mary McInerney 1837

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Mary McInerney was born in 1837 in Co Clare, Ireland. She died on 14 Jul 1898 in Perouse Rd, Randwick. She was buried on 16 Jul 1898 in RC Cemetery, Long Bay, Sydney.

Arrival in Colony- Immigrated on the vessel HANNAH MORE

DEPOSIT JOURNAL SHOWS MARY McINERNEY immigrating on the HANNAH MORE and being sponsored by her sister JOHANNA. Mary arrived at Sydney on the HANNAH MORE on 6th May, 1860. The deposit was paid by William O’Brien. Ship’s Log for Hannah More states Mary was aged 23 and from Limerick. She could Read but not write. Age is correct. The fact she married in 1861 in NSW discounted any immigration records from this date on. Other immigration records for “Mary McInerney” (and other variations of the surname) were researched but did not match sufficiently to discount immigration on the Hannah More in 1860. Mary’s Death Certificate has some errors. It states incorrectly she had been in the

Colony for 36 years and she was aged 55. The Marriage Certificate of 1861 states she was 24 years old. This verifies her birth year as 1837. She did not sign her name but made her mark when signing the Marriage Certificate.

It also states Matthew KEANE was 31 years and a Constable living in Young Street. Mary was living in Bourke Street and was a Housekeeper. They were married at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney.

Bridget McINERNEY nominated Mary Keane of Randwick as “Relative in Colony” in Ship’s Log for Blair Athole 1879.

Mary married Matthew KEANE on 06 Apr 1861 in St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney.

This Chronicle has been adapted from "Where Irish settled in Australia".

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1837
Date of Death 4th Jul 1898

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