Mary Moyles (possibly nee Kelly) 1810

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Date of Birth 1810 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 8th Nov 1859 VIEW SOURCE
Townland born Carlow county  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) William Moyles 2nd husband : Peter Mottram ( 1837-1846) 3rd husband James Mulholland ( 1847-1859)  
Place & Date of Marriage First marriage-unknown 2nd marriage: 2 Dec. 1837 at Newcastle Church of England 3rd marriage 24 Dec. 1847 at Christ Church, Newcastle  
Number of Children 7  
First Child Francis Moyles-- Source: Children by the Female Convicts' Ship Pyramus dated 17 Dec. 1836, lists child Francis , age 4 1/2 years,Father William Moyles ( deceased), born 17 March 1832, Mother Mary Moyles  
Names of Children Children from second marriage: Peter Maccilvey(1839-1929), John( 1842-?), James (1843-1896). Children of third marriage Edward James ( 1847-1905), Rose ( c. 1849-1926), Daniel ( c. 1851- 1878)  
Occupation Laundress  
Place of Death Newcastle, New South wales, Australia  
New Type Physical description from Convicts Certificate of Freedom dated 15 Sept. 1843 Number 43/1533 Height 5 feet 4 inches, Complexion ruddy and frecjled, Hair borwn, Eyes Grey.  
New Type Tried Lent Assizes Mach 1836, Carlow. Sentenced 7 years Australia. Brought out only 1 child though allowed to bring out females under 10 and males under 7 so possibly only had 1 /1 surviving child. No record of appeal for clemency.  
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