Muiris Ó Hairtnéada aka Maurice C. Hartnett (1835-1886) was born in Co. Kerry and emigrated to America in the 1860s.

Ó Hairtnéada aka HARTNETT (descendant of Artnéada; battle-bear, battle-stone) is the name of an old West Munster family still numerous in Cork, Kerry and Limerick.

Morris Hartnett settled in Minnesota, in St Paul (the state capital) where he found work as a labourer. 

He married Ellen Savage (1847-1905) also of Co Kerry (emigrated in 1865) and they had 6 children together, only 4 of whom survived infancy.  

On 18 Apr 1877, their baby, Richard, died age 1.

In the 1880 US Census, they are recorded at St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, USA with three young children. Their baby (at the time) Daniel Lawrence Hartnett (1879-1967), is the paternal great-grandfather of Hollywood star, Josh Hartnett

In the 1885 Minnesota State Census, they were recorded at St Paul Ward 01, Ramsey, Minnesota with a new addition to the family, baby Johanna aha "Hannah".

The following year, on 19 Nov 1886, Maurice C. Hartnett (Josh Hartnett's x2 Great-Grandfather) died age 51.  Ellen's niece, Maggie aka Margaret Butler (b. 1871) was living with the family at 64 Taughton Street, St. Paul by 1895. At that point, John Hartnett was a Fireman, Mary a clerk (as was Maggie), and Daniel an employee of the Boston Clothing Co.

In the 1900 US Census, his widow, Ellen was recorded at St. Paul city Ward 9 with .  Ellen, then age 55, stated she had emigrated to the US in 1865, but did not know her date of birth. 

In 1905 Ellen Hartnett died age 58.

Her son Daniel Lawrence Hartnett (1879-1967), the paternal great-grandfather of Josh Hartnett, married Anastatia McGovern in 1906 and the Harnett family continued to live in St. Paul. 

Josh Hartnett

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1836 (circa)
Date of Death 19th Nov 1886 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Townland born Co. Kerry
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Ellen Savage
Names of Children John Hartnett (b. 1872) | Mary Hartnett (b. 1 March 1874) | Richard Hartnett (1876-1877) | P. Hartnett b. 1877 | Daniel Lawrence Hartnett (28 Sept 1879-1967) | Johanna Hartnett b.1885 |
Occupation Labourer
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1885 Minnesota State Census VIEW SOURCE

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