Michael Dempsey 1839

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

Michael and his family were sent to Canada in 1848 under forced emigration from the Irvilloughter Estate.  There were 8 children in this family of Henry and Catherine Gerrity Dempsey.  They only remained in Canada a short time and made their way via Vermont to Pittston, PA.  There were a total of 3 large Dempsey families evicted with them.  

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1839 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 15th Dec 1895 VIEW SOURCE


  • Henry Dempsey and Catherine Gerrity are of my lineage. My mother Elizabeth Mitchell (Markham), was the daughter of Eileen Dempsey. Eileen was the daughter of John Dempsey, who was Henry and Catherine's son. Michael Dempsey was John Dempsey's brother. 

    Rebecca Markham

    Saturday 20th June 2020, 05:17PM

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