Michael  Hennessey

Michael Hennessey

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA
Additional Information
Date of Death Aug 1870  


  • Yes he died in Sonora, Tuolumne Co. California USA          Any Michael Hennessy's in 1848-1851 in Midleton, Co Cork Ireland?.

    Kathy Boone

    Friday 4th September 2020, 04:39AM
  • My ancestor John Hennessy had 5 brothers and they were all from Middleton. He was born in 1820, but they immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts and spread out from there. His father James (1787-1862) also immigrated. Would your Michael have initially gone to New England?



    Saturday 6th March 2021, 01:26AM
  • My Michael (1830 abt to 1870) went to New York where his first child was born 1853.  Didn't stay long and went accross the Ithmus(Pannama Canal eventually) then up to the California Gold Fields.  His wife's family (Kearny's,) and Michael's Father Michl Hennessey came also. 

    Kathy Boone

    Saturday 11th September 2021, 04:03AM

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