Michael was born in Ring in County Waterford.

We think Old Parish on June 12, 1855. His parents were Michael Connell and Johanna Welch Connell (Michael Sr's father was Patrick and is buried in St. Mary's Cemetary, Newburyport, MA) 

As a lad it is thought that Michael Jr. along with his other family members: Welch, Roach, Hamilton's were all fishermen* in The Ring Area I've seen records naming (Ballynagaul as an address for cousins Robert Hamilton and Mary Roache's marriage of Sep. 4, 1853.)  Stories were that he was severely beaten by tax collectors, which was the catalyst for the Connell family to leave for America from Cobh, Co. Cork to join other family members. 

Michael Jr. arrived in Newburyport, Massachusetts (via Boston) on The shep "Delaware" Nov. 20, 1865.  Other family branches left Ring prior to 1862. He worked as a laborer on Knight's Farm in Newbury, MA. That farm is now called: "The Tenderleaf Farm" Rte 1A.  Michael then worked 7 years as an apprentice comb maker, then master comb maker as well as a pugilist.  Michael then opened Michael O'Connell's and Son Laster House at 5 Market Sq., Newburyport, MA and ran it until America's Prohibition of Alcohol.  Michael's siblings were:  Julia, Patrick, and Katherine.  Michael and family went to Newburyport Superior Court, renounced forever, all alligence and fidelity particularly to Victoria Queen on  the second Monday of May, 1877........Michael Connell will now be Michael O'Connell.  Records show the family using Connell in 1870 census. They all changed name to O'Connell after that. 

Michael was active in The Irish Foresters now called The Irish TIARA's.  

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Date of Birth 1st Jun 1855 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death Oct 1938  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Michael O'Connell, Sr.