Michael John Walsh 1823

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Parents: John Walsh and Catherine O'Neil, who lived in Teer, Ireland, County Kerry; known brothers and sisters: Thomas, John, Patrick, Catherine, Margaret, Honora; believed there were more but baptisms not recorded. Michael's birth date is from his death certificate; there is no baptism record. He died in North Platte, Nebrask, USA: 26 July 1914; his children who lived to be married (5) had moved to North Platte NE.

Wife: Johanna Murphy, who was also from Teer, Ireland, County Kerry; she died 6 September 1881 aged 54 years old; died in Rochester NY.

Michael and Johanna were 3rd cousins on 4 sides of the family as indicated by their marriage record, Parish Castlegregory, Date 22 February 1846, dispensation given: +4, +4, +4, +4.

Michael and Johanna had 10 children, 2 born in Ireland, and 7 in USA, and 1 in Canada:

Patrick: baptised 17 January 1847; Catherine born around 1849 in Massachusetts; Mary Elizabeth born around 1851 in Rochester, NY; John baptised 5 March 1854, Rochester NY; Margaret Cecilia baptised 26 August 1855, Rochester NY; Johanna baptised 2 May 1858 Teer, Ireland; Anna baptised 18 April 1861 Rochester; Michael A. born around 1863 in Canada; Ellen (Nellie) born 14 April 1866 in Holyoke Massachusetts; Matthew John born 15 December 1868 Holyoke Massachusetts.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 30th Oct 1823  
Date of Death 26th Jul 1914  

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