Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland
Additional Information
Date of Birth 1770 (circa)  


  • I wish I could write a short Bio of Michael, sadly I don't have any more info than his name on a few of his children's birth records. I learned from a local family historian that Michael and his family moved into the house in Plunketstown Lower during 1793...along the road in the profile picture. Details of Michael's family: Michael married Mary Stines about 1790. I have unverifyied info that they may have moved to Castledermot area from elsewhere but no indication of where. Possibilities are assumed from forth and beyond cousin matches from Wicklow and South Dublin and Monaghan. They may have traveled with a very young daughter, Helen. Children known by record are: Sylvester 1793, John 1795, Honora 1798, Daniel  and Michael 1803. I have no death record of Micheal, but a local man told me that I would have relatives buried on a hill in sight from the Kelly home. I have to admit that when I began researching in 1998 that I wasn't going anywhere without knowing anything about genenalogy, so I requested ProGenealogist to research my Kelly family to which they responded, "Do you realize how hard finding a Kelly in Ireland will be?" But they did because they said that there were only two Sylvester Kellys in Ireland at the appropriate time. Then In 2003, I posted a message on the County Kildare Genealogy message board and received a reply from Michael Wall who told me that he "knows" my ancestrial family. Since way back then, I've been searching the decendants of Sylvester 1793...ultimately, there seven Sylvesters and mostly ignored the siblings of Sylvester 1841 and two others. I should have said in order that Michael's son, Sylvester married Ann Nolan and have these children:Patrick 1830, Catherine ?, Mary and John 1832, James 1834, Michael 1835, Sylvester 1841 and Edward 1844. I should also include my family tree on Ancestry, Look for George F. Kelley Family Tree and my Gedmatch number:  A713695. Kevin Kelley           


    Friday 23rd July 2021, 04:45PM
  • Hello, I have James Kelly 1834 I tried Gedmatch, on 7 cm no matches but I lowered it to 5cm and we have matches.

    CHr 12, Centimorgans 5

    my kit number is UC5129533, cheryl Chandler

    Regards Cheryl


    Wednesday 28th July 2021, 01:52AM
  • Following up James died in 1865 in Kooringa I know he married Mary, but which Mary?

    South Australia


    Wednesday 28th July 2021, 02:14AM
  • I searched for your ancestry tree, but to no avail.

    mine is

    ancestry name Cheryl Chandler.

    Regards Cheryl


    Wednesday 28th July 2021, 03:45AM
  • I have just found your tree through following links woohoo


    Wednesday 28th July 2021, 03:55AM
  • You have your James Kelly going to USA, but wee have him here in Australia


    Wednesday 28th July 2021, 10:46AM
  • I think I am your family!


    Michael had a son Michael, who had a son John Kelly.  John Kelly married Anna Fox in Longford Ireland.  They moved to Western Australia.  If that is the correct family, please let me know, I would LOVE to connect with family in Ireland.  I have a couple of questions too.  


    Crazymoona - you are correct James Kelly was in Australia. But, he went to USA first, then escaped, went to France, back to Ireland where he enrolled to fight India??  captured and sent to Western Australia.  His crime was murder. 


    If you want any more info, let me know, I have the copies of the newspaper articles.  Feel free to add me on Facebook too,I was born Katherine Kelly, but married, so name is Katherine Pritcharrd, I have just changed my profile pic to be a green circle with a K, so it's easier to find. Hope to connect with family soon xx

    Saturday 7th August 2021, 08:06AM

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