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Michael Madden was born in Galway in about 1818. He may have been born in Belclare or Loughren.The following information about Michael Madden has been verified using documents such as the Australian, Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists 1839-1923, his marriage certificate, birth records for his children and publications such as 'Mia Mia the Place and its People' written by the community of Mia Mia, Victoria. Michael Madden is my great great grandfather.

His name appears on the passenger list for the Wallace which left Liverpool bound for Port Phillip Bay (Victoria, Australia) on the 26th November 1841. On the voyage out he met Bridget (Biddy) Cochlan who was also a native of Galway. They married in 1843. (Bridget's surname is sometimes given as Coughlan or Coglan. This could be due to the fact that she is illerate. Bridget and Michael had six children that survived childbirth, Mary in 1843 followed by Patrick 1844, Thomas 1846, Mary Ann 1847, Margaret 1849 and my great grandmother Elizabeth (date unknown).

In 1851 Michael took over the leasehold of the Mia Mia Inn. During the course of his journey from Melbourne to Mia Mia, with his stock, Michael had to work hard to save his animals from the bushfires that ravaged the area on the 6th February 1851, a day that became known as Black Thursday. In 1853 Michael and Bridget purchased the Mia Mia Inn. In that same year gold was discovered in the area.

Michael Madden died two years after buying the Inn. Cause of deah is unknown. He was buried in the cemetry in Kyneton.

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  • HI, I was going through my genealogy items and I was looking note you had left at this site. I am not sure if we have shared info or not.  My brain isn't as sharp as it used to be.
    I am Debi Madden and my husbands Madden's are from Roscommon or Galway.   His ancestor would have been Thomas Madden about 1800 and his father may have been a Thomas or John or Patrick.
    Thomas would have left Roscommon in about 1840 and left for Canada. Eventually settling in Minnesota.   Can we share info again?  Thanks




    Monday 25th November 2019, 01:07AM

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