Michael McTaggart 1839

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

McTaggart Michael 
McCullow Rose 
Marriage Doc.
13 Feb 1872

Gortin, Tyrone, Ireland

Marriage solemnized at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Rusky in the Registrar's District of Gortin in the Union of  Gortin in the County of Tyrone, Ireland  

Michael McTaggart Bachelor Farmer  and  Dealer from Drumnapar, Upper Bodoney, Father Charles McTaggart Dead.   

Rose McCullow 18 spinster, Irish Garvagh, Lower Bodoney,  Father James McCullow

On the Ireland, Catholic Parish register: Michael McTaggart and his wife Rose McCullow were 3rd cousins....

On the record from the marriage registers there was a dispensation regarding banns and also 4th - 4th consanguinity. That means the bride and groom were related. They were probably third cousins. They had the same Great Great Grandparents.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1839  
Date of Death 1st Nov 1894 VIEW SOURCE

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