Michael O'Connor(s) 1846

Michael O'Connor(s) 1846

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I'm looking for info on my great great grandfather and his family. His name was Michael O'Connor or O'Connors. Irish records have him mostly as O'Connors, although his son (my great grandfather) went by O'Connor and Michael's father had the last name Connors.

What I know is that Michael O'Connors was a herdsman. He married Honora Fitzpatrick(b.~ 1854) on Feb 18 1876 in Murroogh. They were both listed as residing in Murroogh at the time of their marriage. Michael's father was listed as Pat Connors and he was deceased at the time of the marriage. Honora's father was also deceased and his name looks to be Thomas (it says Thos.) Thomas was also a herdsman. The witnesses to their marriage were James O'Loughlin and Bridget McNamara.

Michael and Honora (she is sometimes listed as Mary on a few of her children's birth records) had 6 children - Bridget born 1876, Mary born 1879, Honora born 1881, Patrick born 1885, Thomas born 1889, and Michael born 1896.

The whole family, except Bridget is listed in the 1901 census as living in Murrooghkilly. Honor's brother Michael Fitzpatrick lives next door with his family. Bridget moved to Boston, Mass around 1892 according to the 1910 US Census.

Michael dies in 1902. After that Mary the 2nd oldest daughter moves to Boston also in 1903. In 1910 my great grandfather Thomas O'Connor moves to Boston.

In the Irish census of 1911 Patrick O'Connor and his younger brother Michael F. O'Connor are listed as living in Murrooghkilly with their uncle Michael Fitzpatrick and his family.

In June 1911 Patrick moves to Boston to live with his sister Mary O'Connor. In August 1913 Michael O'Connor moves to Boston and travels with his cousin Bridget Fitzpatrick.

In the 1920 US Census, Mary, Patrick, Thomas, and Michael are all living in Somerville, Mass.

I know that the oldest sister Bridget ended up marrying Martin Howard who was also from Clare.

I dont know what happened to their mother Honor Fitzpatrick or to the other sister Honora O'Connors. I assume that the mother either died between 1902 and 1911, or why else would her sons be living with their uncle? I cannot find mother or daughter as coming to the USA or living in Clare. This part is a big mystery.

I'd also love to find out who Michael's parents were. I know his father was Pat Connors, but I do not know the mother's name. I did find a record for the birth of a Michael Connors is Killkeady in 1843 to Pat Connors and Bridget O'Louglin, but it seems far away. I havent see any other Connors or O'Connors in Murroogh, except for a Mary O'Connors who is blind and "boarding" with the Burke family in Murrooghkilly. Perhaps this Mary could be MIchael's sister.

I have found out that there is a Michael O"Connors buried in Craggagh Cemetery in Fanore, but that the headstone is very worn and impossible to read, and apparantly the cemetery records have been destroyed.

When my Great Grandfather's brother Patrick O'Connors immigrated to the USA, he listed "A.E.Donoghue in Craggagh" as his closest family member back in Ireland. When Mary O'Connor moved to Boston in 1903, she listed a cousin Mary Burke in Cambridge, Mass as her relative in the USA. So there is a Burke connection there. The mother, Honor Fitzpatrick's mother was Bridget Donohoe I believe because I was able to find a birth record in the parish registers for Michael Fitzpatrick in 1855 to Thomas Fitzpatrick and Bridget Donohoe in Murroogh.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1846 (circa)  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Pat Connors  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Honor Fitzpatrick  
Place & Date of Marriage Murroogh - February 18 1876  
Number of Children 6  
First Child Bridget  
Names of Children Bridget, Mary, Honora, Patrick, Thomas, Michael  
Occupation Herdsman  
Place of Death Murroogh 1902  
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  • I am also researching O'Connor ancestors from Clare who went from MA to Chicago around 1864. What intrigues me is the relation to Fitzpatrick. I believe my O'Connors maintained connections with some who moved to CA and were there in the 1940s.


    Saturday 21st November 2020, 03:18PM
  • I'm researching a great uncle John Guinane (born 1872) from Ballyvaughan who emigrated to Boston in 1900 to his "cousin" Mary O'Connor (born 1864)who I suspect was from Ballyvaughan and was the daughter of Michael O'Connor and Bridget McNamara.. they married 22 years later in Boston. 

    Saturday 3rd April 2021, 07:43PM
  • My 3rd Great Grandparents are Patrick O'CONNOR, b.Ireland 1784-? & Margaret HANLIN, b. Ireland.  They had 3 children: 

    James O'CONNORb. b. Ireland 1810, d. I believe Wisconsin, USA 1903.

    Hanora O'CONNOR, b. 15 SEPT 1815 • County Clare, Ireland, d. 14 FEB 1905 • Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin, USA,

    She married Michael HANRAHAN, b. Abt. 1810 • Ireland. d. 23 MARCH 1876 • Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin, USA.  They had 5 children: John S HANRAHAN, b Ireland 1841–?;  Michael HANRAHAN. b New Hampshire, USA 1849–?; Miles J HANRAHAN , b. 16 AUGUST 1851 • Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, USA, d. 17 MARCH 1910 • Rantoul, Champaign, Illinois, USA;  James HANRAHAN, b. Abt. 1857 • Oneida County, New York, USA, d, 18 MARCH 1883 • Sanborn, Barnes, North Dakota, USA;  Thomas HANRAHAN, b. Abt. 1860 • Wisconsin.

    Margaret O'CONNOR, my 2nd Great Grandmother,  b. Ireland 1821, d. 5 JAN 1906 • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Buried in Holy Rosary Cemetery, Darlington, Lafayette,  Wisconsin,  USA

    She married Thomas W LEAHY was born in 1812 in Ireland. He married Margaret O'CONNOR in 1840 in his hometown. They had nine children in 15 years. He died in a railroad accident in 1857 in Wisconsin at the age of 45, He is buried in Old Saint Matthew's Cemetery in Shullsburg, Wisconsin, USA.

    Their Children:

    Michael S LEAHY, BIRTH ABT. 17 NOV 1841 • Milltown, Clare, Ireland. d. USA

    Honor LEAHY, b. ABT. 10 JUL 1843 • Milltown Malbay, County Clare, Ireland. . d. USA

    John LEAHY, b. ABT. 14 SEP 1844 • Milltown, Clare, Ireland. d. USA

    Bridget Ann LEAHY, b. 24 DECEMBER 1845 • Miltown Malbay, County Clare, Ireland. d. 24 MARCH 1920 • Sutherland, O'Brien, Iowa, USA

    Patrick E LEAHY, b. 25 FEB 1850 • Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire, USA. d. 9 JUN 1904 • Davenport, Scott, Iowa, USA, buried: Holy Rosary Cemetery,  Darlington, Lafayette,  Wisconsin,  USA

    Thomas A LEAHY, b. 25 DEC 1852 • New York, USA, d. 05 APR 1937, USA

    Margaret E LEAHY, b. 19 DEC 1853 • Charleston, New Hampshire, USA. d. 23 SEP 1910 • Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

    James Joseph LEAHY, b. OCTOBER 1854 • New York, USA. d. 04 JUN 1935 • Los Angeles, California, USA

    William H LEAHY, b. 4 JULY 1857 • Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin, UUSA. d. 5 NOV 1946 • Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA

    I have not found any concrete proof of who Thomas W Leahy parents are, but others have listed them as Gulielmi Leahy (1776–) & Catharina Kenely (–1885)

    Online in the Catholic Parish Registry National Library Ireland I found microfilm Parish records for Milltownmalbay Microfilm 02486 / 05..  I've not completed searching the film but have found 9ne Leahy and many O'Connors mentioned: 


    I've searched up to page 55 but only on the left side of 2 sided pages so there must be much more.   I believe I also ran across Fitzpatricks. I hope this helps.

    Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. 

    Jim Leahy


    Saturday 31st July 2021, 04:49PM

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