Mollie Hynes 1892

Mollie Hynes 1892

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

Katie Hynes aged 18 emigrated 23rd March 1905 from Queenstown to New York on board the Teutonic to her Cousin Mrs Greaney, 272 West 115 St. New York. Her fare was paid by her sister and she had in her possession about $5. 

Mollie Hynes aged 17 also emigrated to the US. She was a servant and all were the children of Philip Hynes, Waterview. She emigrated from Queenstown on 29th May1908 on the Baltic arriving in Ellis Island on 6th June 1908. She had in her possession about $10, passage paid by her own money and she hoped to meet with her sister Katie.

Martin Hynes was aged 21 when he emigrated to his sister Katie He arrived in New York on 24th April 1914 on board the Philadelphia from Queenstown. Siblings Martin, Honoria, Margaret & Bridget married in Manhattan as listed on family tree below.

  • Phelim Hynes b: 04.10.1857  Waterview married Margaret Monaghan b: 1861 m:1884
  • Denis Hynes b: 26.07.1885  Waterview married Delia McHugh b: Ballinvoher m: 29.01.1923, Lackagh
  • Julia Hynes b: 26.12.1886  Waterview married Michael Collins b: 01.12.1881  Waterview m: 19.12.1905, Lackagh
  • Patrick Hynes b: 25.03.1888, Waterview
  • Catherine Hynes b: 07.04.1889, Ballybrone
  • Mary Hynes b: 26.10.1890, Ballybrone
  • Mary Hynes b: 31.07.1892, Ballybrone
  • Martin Hynes b: 1893  Waterview married Margaret Shiel b: 1896 m: 10.07.1921, Manhattan, New York
  • Honoria Hynes b: 29.06.1894  Ballybrone married Michael Cullen b: 1889, Tullynahaw m: 04.10.1916, Manhattan, New York
  • Margaret Hynes b: 30.06.1896  Ballybrone married Arthur Kelly b: 1896 m: 29.09.1918, Manhattan, New York
  • Bridget Hynes b: 03.11.1898  Waterview married Joseph Gorman b: 1896, Cartron, Sligo m: 25.01.1920, Manhattan, New York
  • Anne Hynes b: 21.09.1900  Waterview married Patrick Murphy b: 19.02.1893, Waterview m: 10.11.1918, Lackagh
  • Winifred Hynes b: 28.11.1903, Waterview
Additional Information
Date of Birth 31st Jul 1892  

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