Moses  Culbert or Cuthbert1804

Moses Culbert or Cuthbert 1804

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Moses embarked alone on the Bark Asia on 8 May 1828 from Londonderry, Ireland, and arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on 25 Jun 1828.  On the ship's passenger list he was recorded as Moses Cuthbert, but was always known as Moses Culbert in the USA.

Nothing is known about Moses in the USA before he married Jane Fleming in Philadelphia on 15 Nov 1832.

Moses became a naturalized US citizen on 27 Sep 1833.  In his naturalization papers he declared he was born in Letterkenny Town, County Donegal.

The family settled in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and raised eight children.

Moses and many of his family are buried in the Middletown Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Moses had a brother, James Culbert (c. 1797-1871) [a.k.a. James John Culbert], who emigrated to the USA some time before Moses and lived in Wilmington, Delaware.  He married and raised three sons.

No information on their family left behind in Ireland is known today.  Two of Moses' children carry middle names that are still not known to be connected to the family, e.g. Campbell and Irvin, so they might be Ireland connections.

Research in Ireland has uncovered no information on any Culberts in Letterkenny in the 1700s-1800s, and the Culberts living there today [in the 2000s] migrated there from Co. Tipperary, so are not closely related.

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Additional Information
Date of Birth 30th Jul 1804 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 8th Oct 1860 VIEW SOURCE

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