Nathan Hunter 1743

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Nathan Hunter emigrated with his wife, Mary Young Hunter, of County Down, Ireland, and their eight children, to the small community of Frog Level (now Prosperity), South Carolina, USA, in about 1799. Nathan was born in 1743 in Randalstown, County Antrim. Because Nathan's oldest son, William, was known as "the Weaver" in Prosperity, I speculate that he and others of the Irish Hunter family worked in the local linen trade, perhaps renting and working land owned by the aristocratic landlords of Antrim, the O'Neills of Shanes Castle.

The Hunters sailed to the U.S. with a group of fellow Seceder Presbyterians from Antrim and Down, joining an earlier group of Seceders, including Mary Young Hunter's older brother, James Abram Young, who had arrived in Frog Level in 1774. James Young, had donated land for the establishment and construction of a new church -- the Prosperity Presbyterian Church, part of the American Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, where he was the first person to be buried in its graveyard. Nathan and Mary, and several other members of the family are also buried there (see photo, which I have enhanced in the interest of legibility).  

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Date of Birth 1743  
Date of Death 5th Jun 1827  

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